RAW 5/14

It’s very rare that I watch an episode of RAW and think that it was good. I keep watching because it’s always on and it’s a habit. I think most of all, that I continue to watch because the show has the potential to be very good, even if it always falls short. In those rare moments when everything falls into line, it’s the best thing on television. Tonight was not one of those rare moments. Tonight’s RAW was forgettable and aggravating.

And it was because of this man. There were other factors, but this man is at the top of the list. If not for his theme song, he would be devoid of any entertaining qualities. For months, the WWE has built this man up far better than any of its young rising stars. He’s gotten plenty of promo time and segments designed to make the audience hate him. If the WWE built up their young stars with half the effort that they put into building up John Laurinaitis, their show would be so much better.

This man is not good on the microphone. He’s not a great actor. He’s not a great wrestler. He’s not a great entertainer. Why is he pushed so hard? He had two long talking segments on tonight’s RAW.  The WWE champion had one short one. Why does the WWE give him so much time? How is he making them money? I don’t understand their love for this man.

The most frustrating thing about tonight’s RAW is that it was the last RAW before the PPV. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have a WWE title match and yet they didn’t an in ring promo together. They had a good tag match together but that was it. This is the WWE title. This is the most prestigious title in the entire organization. Shouldn’t it matter more than just one tag match? This was their last chance to build up this match. Why doesn’t the company care enough to build this feud up properly? Why put more focus on a nonwrestler than two of your most talented wrestlers?

Bryan and Punk get good reactions and do the best with that they are given. Why not give them the ball and let them run with it? It can’t hurt. The company won’t shut down if two very talented individuals have a good feud for the biggest prize in professional wrestling.

The WWE has a large number of talented wrestlers. If these certain people are given a chance, they can make professional wrestling a fun thing to watch. The WWE is strange and chooses instead to be not entertaining when they easily can be entertaining. It’s like moments such as last summer are impossible for them to create.

Remember this? Why is it so hard for wrestling to be at least half as good as this?

Another complain, Johnny Ace fired the Big Show on RAW in a long segment. The Big Show acted fairly well but why did this go on so long and why have Ace do it? Isn’t Show in a feud with Cody? Couldn’t you try to get Cody involved somehow to try and make the audience care more about Cody? He’s the intercontinental champion. It would certainly help to get him some more boos.

For some reason, the belts don’t matter. The audience isn’t given a reason to care about them. They aren’t given a reason to care about anyone or anything other than John Cena. I understand that Cena is the biggest draw but the focus of this show should have went somewhere else. He will be in the main event on Sunday against a non-wrestler. Why give that so much attention? I understand that you need to sell the match but so much time and boring segments have gone to a feud that isn’t even close to being captivating.

Tonight’s RAW was bad, but it didn’t have to be. As stated earlier the problem isn’t with the talent, it’s with the creative team. The bright spots in the WWE continue to shine brightly, but they aren’t given a chance by the WWE’s creative team. Why? Is it that the creative team just doesn’t give a damn and they phone it in?

By next week, people won’t remember this show. They insured that nothing memorable happened on this RAW. Maybe that’s their game plan. Make RAW as shitty as possible so when good stuff happens, people only remember that.

It could be a good show if they tried.

RAW needs consistency in its quality. Ratings are going down. Pay Per View buyrates are going down. Can the WWE afford to have bad RAWs like tonight? They need to entice the audience to watch their product? Do people want to see Johnny Ace talk for 14 minutes? Do people want CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to barely matter? Do people want to see  a drunken John Cena come to the ring and give his best Jim Carey impressions?

The numbers don’t lie and they spell disaster for the WWE if they continue down this path.

Punk Wins! Punk Wins! Punk Wins!

(Please go fuck yourself if you don’t like professional wrestling)

This moment really got to me. I complain every week while watching RAW. I know there are many people who are the same way.

The WWE has potential but they squander it. They rely on the same old stories week in and week out.

For once I shut up. I got behind a match.  I didn’t care that it was scripted.  I didn’t have anything to say.

I sat back and just took it in. And I was taken away by the pay per view. When CM Punk won, I jumped up in my room and started to dance.

I never dance. Ever.

That was real emotion. It was more emotion than I felt over any boring baseball game or Superbowl I’ve been forced to sit through.

Professional wrestling is very much real. I’m a fan today because of  pay per views like this

The WWE took chances for the first time in a long time. An internet favorite, Daniel Bryan won the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase. He was a dark horse. I didn’t expect it. He’s a great wrestler who’s never had a bad match. I stood up when he won in disbelief and begin shouting.

I haven’t done anything like that since I was a kid watching John Cena matches back in 2004.

My father walked in and immediately knew that began yelling at me about how professional wrestling isn’t allowed in our house and that it’s changed who I am. He ordered me to shut off the wrestling.

His comments didn’t phase me. I turned down the volume and continued to watch.

Del Rio won another favorite of mine. Christian somehow walked away with the World Title which shocked me as well.

Then the main event came on. I had been looking forward to this match ever since it was announced.

The crowd exploded for CM Punk. I’m surprised he didn’t go deaf from the reaction. Cena received a deafening reaction as well except they were boos.

I can’t describe the match. You need to see it. You need to hear it. You need to feel the atmosphere.

When Punk won, my beliefs were shattered. The WWE had done the unthinkable. I never fathomed that one day they could reach the potential that they had been ignoring for some many years.

When the pin finished, I did my dance and then for the first time in a long time, I sat back and smiled. There was nothing better I could have asked for.

It was everything I desired. It fed straight into my soul and and satisfied the hunger for entertainment that been itching at me for so long.

WWE can fuck this up now for all I care. I had that moment and it’s all I wanted and needed to have.