Copyright Infringement kills another fan project.

I looked up several fan projects that I had been interested.

Terrordome, a fighting game based on bringing huge horror icons, is being crippled by movie companies asking their characters to be removed. It’s been worked on for

The game is nonprofit. It’s going to be released for free and yet these companies still want their characters out.

This is a game for fans of horror movies. It’s not possible for a game like this to ever be made because of the licensing issues. They can’t just ignore it? They can’t just let this guy finish it? How does this hurt the company?

The fans will enjoy a free game at no cost to the company. Why do they want this shut down? People make these things because they love the product.

You can check out the logs of what happened to the game, here.

There’s more beyond this. It needs to stop. Fans should be able to express their love for the shows and games that they like.