To Snap Or Not To Snap?

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy are responsible for dark reboots we’ve been getting of classic characters. Nolan is a good director. Memento is still his best. The Dark Knight is a close second. I liked the trilogy. Batman Begins is a reintroduction to Batman and an establishing of the gritty realism that would permeate the rest of the trilogy. The Dark Knight is a legitimately good movie. Heath Ledger’s Joker deserved that Oscar. The Dark Knight Rises is a follow-up that Nolan’s heart was not into. The theme of rise is redundant and I could not get into the stakes of the film. It had a weird commentary on the 99 percent and Occupy Wallstreet movement. I felt that was out of place. His take on Batman toned down the supernatural more comic-booky elements and focused on the crime drama of Gotham. I appreciated Nolan’s vision but not every hero should be dark like this.

If only someone told Zack Snyder. Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is an attempt to do for Superman what Nolan did for Batman. I don’t want to talk the movie. I saw it when it came out. The movie tries to portray what life would be like for Superman if he was real? What would it be like for him growing up? I think there could be a good story here, but Snyder’s take was not doing it for me. He was trying to tell too many stories at once. Alien Invasion. Superman’s Origins. The Legacy of Krypton. Should the government trust Superman? Pa Kent is crazy. Will Superman have to kill? It wasn’t hard to keep up with them. It was that none of them were executed well. The fights were cool the first time around, but I barely remember any of them.

The one scene I do remember is the climax.  Superman is put in a moral dilemma. General Zod won’t stop until he kills every person. So Superman snaps General Zod’s neck. He violates his moral code and takes a life to save a family. This scene encapsulates everything wrong with this movie.

It’s an attempt to bring Superman out of his black and white comic book morality and into world of grey. Snyder wants to ground Superman from being a symbol for truth, justice and the American way into a person like us with more power. We’d make the same choice that Superman does. We’d snap General Zod’s neck too.

It’s a depressing as hell scene. Superman is mentally bothered by his murder. He’s on the verge of the tears The family he saves is not grateful. I don’t think they’re seen again.

There is no triumph to this. And I think triumph is a part of Superman. People should be excited when they see him flying through the city. He’s an ideal to live up to. People may not be able to fly and be strong like Superman, but they should aspire to be moral like him. That’s what I always got from the Superman side of the character. He needs to triumph and the people in Metropolis should be there to celebrate his fights against evil.  The human side is that he’s a corny boy scout from Kansas. Humble and wants to help people. He takes a job as a journalist to keep up appearances, hit on Lois and keep his ear close to trouble.

I don’t hate the idea of Superman murdering Zod, but I hate it in an origin story. Superman needed to triumph in the first story.  This movie should have been about learning who Superman is. He needs to be established. Snyder jumped the gun. He wanted to have this Superman kill scene in this movie. Maybe in a Man of Steel 2 this scene would work. It’s too early for Superman to kill. In my opinion.

In this movie Pa Kent commits suicide in front of Clark. Metropolis and Smallville are decimated. Superman has to kill Zod to stop him. Give the character a bone. Let him have a moral victory to ride off into the sun on. I watch the ending of others superhero movies like The Avengers and The Dark Knight and it feels like the heroes were super heroic.

The Avengers put aside their differences and save New York from an alien invasion. It felt like without the Avengers, the world would have ended.  Batman proves to the Joker that everyone is not like him and that he is alone. He does kill Harvey Dent but the appreciation for his sacrifice is there from Commissioner Gordon and his son.

Man of Steel‘s Superman never feels like a hero to me.

Will the Cinematic Superhero Bubble Burst?

To be short, No.

I hear grumblings that audiences will reject the parade of masks and spandex. It hasn’t happened yet. We haven’t reached the peak of this superhero movie boom.


Mainstream audiences are in love with superheroes more than ever. We’re all still on that honey moon.

Avengers: Age of Ultron first trailer release broke viewer records. Each of Marvel’s Phase Two films out-grossed their predecessor by a sizable mount. Guardians of the Galaxy was supposed to be a flop but instead soared to the top of the box office. Right now Marvel is untouchable. They can make any movie now. Once Rocket Raccoon can be turned into money, any one can. The train will keep moving.

Warner Bros wants some of that shared universe multifranchise cash too. And audiences want them to conted Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice should do very well at the box office regardless of the movie’s quality. It’s Batman. People love Batman and they’ll love to watch him kick Superman’s. Suicide Squad has the star power to also perform well. So DC will

For the other companies, the future isn’t as bright.

I could foresee Fox’s Fantastic Four faltering at the box office. They’ve been very secretive about that film. No trailers, not even a movie logo. There’s bad rumors circulating around it. And everyone knows by now they’re only making it to keep the film rights so they don’t revert back to Marvel. Fantastic Four isn’t as strong a brand as X-men either. Isn’t anyone aching for a new movie with a Dr. Doom who blogs? I could see it under performing or forgotten in the shadows of DC/Marvel.

X-Men will stay strong but it’s time for a new Wolverine. I want to see how Deadpool does. The only way that character works is in an R-rated action comedy. Anything less and it’s like why bother? I’m a huge fan of the character. I’ve read the leaked script. I hope they cook something else up. It was not bad, but also not great. And Deadpool deserves a great script that pulls from the Joe Kelly era.


Sony is in rough shape after the hacking. They want to make a Spider-man shared universe and I’d rather they didn’t. They’ve hurt poor Peter enough. The boy needs to go to the mouse.

If anything, superhero movies will end being the only movies in theaters in the coming years.