The Game of Wuv

There’s countless information on attempting to connect with the opposite sex. For eons, men and women have had to interact with each other. Mankind would not exist today if not for the connection between the two sexes. Yet today, if you sit in a restaurant or on a bus or pretty much anywhere and listen to the conversations around you, you’ll hear about how people have no clue about what they should do. There’s a desire to connect on both sides, but it drives people insane trying to figure out how exactly to do it.

Making a friend is easy. This connection is simple. You don’t even have to have the same interests as a potential friend. If you just greet them and act kindly, they’ll easily let you connect with them. Through time and conversation, even people with completely different personalities can become the best of friends. It’s far easier for most people to become close friends with someone than to get a potential partner. People aren’t afraid of asking someone to connect in this way. There’s no intimidation factor. There’s also not much fear of rejection. People are confident when making friends.

But once the connection changes and a person starts to pursue more, things become loopy. Attempting to obtain a partner can melt the brain of any normal person. You need the Midas touch. Here’s a good example. A man can pursue a woman and give her attention all the time.

This is a simple gesture with sound logic. “I want to connect with someone more than a friend therefore I will try to engage them in conversation more. I will try to see them more.” This can lead to rejection due to other exposure. The person puts themself out there and shows that they care. They can crushed for this or even led on to believe they stand a chance.

The game of wuv can be a very cruel one. It’s hard to tell when you’re doing until you get the physical interaction, but even then you may not end up with what you want. There’s no way to check your progress. There’s no percent bar that shows how close you are. No levels are gained when you’re doing well. There’s just no way to tell.

You can tell whether you’re doing well at making someone a friend. They smile at you. They say hello. They feel like you care what they have to say. But when the connection moves deeper, it’s impossible. You can’t trust the way their body movement. I’ve watched friends get into relationships and get out of them. It’s madness to tell when a person is doing well in their pursuit. I’ve seen people do everything right, get their potential mate to dinner and then after that, nothing happens. It gets weird.

You can talk to a potential partner regularly and hold good conversation. This does not mean they view you as a potential mate. You can regularly spend time with them alone. This does not mean they view you as a potential mate. A smile is not a good indicator. Being hugged is not. A wink isn’t.

The game of wuv isn’t easy if you have standards. There’s a lot of ugly people and nonsingle people in the world. The list of viable partners is few. Once you cross out the crazy people, it becomes even slimmer. Even after you’ve made your selection, you have to invest time and money. The game of wuv is not cheap. I see friends pay for their dates. This is a completely stupid gesture, but people do it. Some potential partners expect it. I heard of friends spending hundreds of dollars on girls. They buy them gifts. It can take a heavy time investment to get a potential mate. I’ve heard of guys spending months even years just going after one mate and then it doesn’t work out. Months of their lives wasted worrying and pursuing someone they never had a chance with. They may have even spent money on them.

It’s all flushed down the drain with the rejection. People don’t even have the courtesy to reject you properly. They are cowards. They say that they’ll have lunch anytime and then never get back to you when you invite them. They make asinine excuses and you just have to swallow them or you become the bad guy. People aren’t honest with you. They can’t just say they don’t like you.

The worst offenders are those who let you down easy. You have no indication of what you did wrong. You’re going to try again using a different method.

You can’t even trust the words that come out of people’s mouths. Do you know how many times I’ve heard about people being told that they were liked and then later rejected?  People bottle up their emotions making it nigh impossible to tell for some people when someone likes you if you’re pursuing them.

It’s dawned on me that this is all wrong. This connection system is stupid, very stupid. This dancing around and trying to figure out how well you are doing is just plain dumb. If you ask the person, you come off as a weirdo. No. No. NO!

Here’s how the connection should be. First off, we need a codeword so people know when you’re trying for them. Too many people have no clue and just think people are trying to be their friends. Think of the POTC movies when they said parley. Once this was uttered, people had the right to negotiations. We as a culture need a word or phrase for relationship negotiations. You utter this and person knows you mean business. It has to be something that people won’t just say all Willy-Nilly. I think the phrase should be something along the lines of

“Roses are Red. Violets are Blue.”

If the person responds

“Sugar is sweet and so are you.” That means that they are interested and negotiations can begin. If not, they can just shake their head. This makes it easier on everyone. Of course, you’ll have people who respond and don’t mean it. Public beatings of these people would be shown to discourage this sort of behavior.

Once negotiations begin, you can set the terms of the relationship. The initiator sets the terms and the other person can reject or accept them. Negotiations can fall apart of course at this stage. Beatings will only be given out to those who agree to terms and then do not follow through on them.

Of course you’ll have people who will try to coerce and trick others into responding and agreeing to the terms. These will be determined on a case by case basis by a panel of unemployed Americans.

This system is perfect and flawless and would lead to a better world. I’m right about this. I’m always right.

Here’s a picture of a puppy to warm your heart.


The gift that keeps on…

I am an awful gift giver. I’ve never gotten my mom anything for mother’s day unless she complained the entire day and forced me too. I used to get cards when my parent (the one who wasn’t getting a gift) gave me like ten bucks. Once I got older, they expected me to get them gifts and cards. And I was awful at it.

I couldn’t even give my best friend a good gift for all her birthday parties she invited me with. I once wanted to give her this game I had got called Tales of Symphonia (pretty good game). I put it in a bag and I went off to the party. Then about 3 to 4 hours later, I would leave the party, get back home, and realize I still had the gift.

This happened like two years in a row. I always felt so bad so I would just play the game afterwards in some way rectifying it.

I haven’t gotten my parents any gifts for Christmas in years nor have I even tried to give them anything for their birthday. My mom tells me that because of my attitude I won’t get anything for my birthday.

Then she takes me out for dinner every time.

I never feel that bad though. I say “happy birthday” to them and I try not to bother too much. I don’t like the idea of a physical gift or even a card. It’s just a traditional thing that people expect to get. I feel like it just mean as much. I don’t expect to get gifts from people on special days. An acknowledgement of my birthday is nice but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if nobody said anything.

I do feel bad for my parents. It pains me to do inauthentic things like give gifts when I don’t really want to. They expect these things and are disappointed. It probably part of the major rift between us.

I know some people would say to just do it for the sake of the relationship. Do it to make them feel better.

I just can’t. It violates something in me. I feel horrible when I do gestures without meaning it.