Last night on the Walking Dead…

The Walking Dead is a visceral hard-hitting show. There’s head decapitations, people being ripped to pieces, and body parts being hacked off every week. I love it. There was this one scene during last night’s episode, (Spoiler Alert) that made me think for a moment.

Maggie, a female character, was told to take her top off. The camera shows her back once she gets her bra off. She covers up her breasts with her hands for the rest of the scenes with her. I couldn’t help but think of all the stuff this show has done.

We’ve seen a cool horse be horribly devoured by a pack of walkers. I watched Rick shoot a zombie version of a little girl that they were searching for. Shane shot Otis and left him behind to be eaten by a pack of zombies. I’ve seen Carl be shot. The viewers watched Laurie be brutally cut open with a knife. In the season opener, Hershell’s leg is cut off in a scene that had a room of grown men cringe.

But we can never be shown a human female nipple. That’s just weird to me. I’m not demanding it. I’m not angry about them not showing it. I understand why. It’s just somewhat funny that we can see the absolute worst violence on TV yet the Walking Dead can never show us that part of the human body.

I liked this episode.

This season has been the strongest so far for the show. It does suffer from the one character’s plot is less interesting than the other’s syndrome with Andrea in the Governor’s camp and Rick in the prison. That’s nothing major. I look forward to next week’s midseason finale and the future of the series.


What’s the absolute worst thing a person could do? Is it killing another person? What about raping about person? What if they raped and killed a person? Is that two times as bad as just doing one or the other? Is it worse to kill a child over an adult? What if the person was a jerk and deserved it? What would be a suitable punishment for any of these crimes?

Should people who kill be killed? Should the same be done to rapists? Or should we try to rehabilitate them? What if it’s not possible? Do we just throw a bunch of dangerous criminals in one place and lock them away for the rest of their lives? What do we do if we put an innocent person in jail? Do they get some sort of reparation?

Can you balance out your crime? If you stop someone from being raped, can you be forgiven? If you save a life, can you go home? If you hit someone with your car, and pay for their hospital visit, should that be it? Or should there be further punishment? What if the victim doesn’t care? Should the government still be able to step in?

What if you don’t kill a person? What if you kill or rape a dog? Should that have the same punishment as a person? What if you rape two dogs? At what point should you receive the same punishment as killing a human? How about fish?

Would the police step in if there was a fish rapist on the loose?

What if you kill an animal that’s endangered? Should you get double the punishment?

What if you kill a million people? We can’t kill you a million times as punishment. We can’t throw you in jail for a million life terms. Should we just torture you? Is torture a good punishment? Also, at what point does this become genocide? A hundred? A thousand? What if they kill a hundred people indiscriminately in a region? Is genocide worse than mass murder?

What if someone kills a person who commits genocide before we could figure out whether torturing them was alright? Is vigilantism something we should punish? What if someone shoots some guy after he’s been sentenced to death? Should they be punished?

What if some guy raped and murdered hundreds of children, endangered fish, dogs, and cats?! Should we just blow him up?

Is that the right thing? Is it the moral thing?

It’s hard to gauge this.

I’ve always thought that murder wasn’t seen as bad as rape by the general public. Dexter is a TV show where a killer kills killers. I don’t think it would have been green-lit if he had been a rapist who raped rapists. People can cheer on a thief, drug dealer, or serial killer. I don’t think you can get them to cheer on a pedophile or rapist.

Unless that rapist is a man who has sex with intoxicated women in a comedy. Then again, our morality doesn’t come from films. It’s just an imperfect reflection of it. Films are made to appeal to the general public, but even then you can often see some people don’t like the idea of glorifying serial killers.

Murder is a hard crime to judge. Eye for an eye seems to make sense on the surface level. You kill people, so you need to be stopped. But murder isn’t so black and white. We have different degrees of murder. In our society, it matters if you planned it out beforehand or just lost it. It also matters if your life was in danger or if you were protecting someone else. In America, assisted suicide is not allowed, but in other places it is. Sometimes you can kill a person and it’s not murder. You can still be held responsible. Sometimes people die due to mistakes by corporations and nothing happens.

The simple act of killing a person is much more complicated than it seems. It’s up to the law to figure out what to do.

Should our laws be flexible? What if we change them after someone’s been convicted of a crime that we’ve decided no longer exists? Should they still pay their “debt” to society?

Speaking of debts, what if someone can’t pay off their debt? Should they go to jail?

Or even worse!

What if some guy doesn’t tip his waiter?!

What if you tie up vegetarians and force feed them meat loaf?

What if your lover likes smelly  violent sex with blood, fish, vomit, poop, and sexual fluids all over the place? Should you get in trouble for that? Is that moral?

All this morality stuff is hurting my head…