Perception of Truth: Carcetti’s Speech

The Wire is arguably the greatest television show of all time. I haven’t seen enough classic television shows to give a definitive answer on that. The Wire never talked down to its audience and expected them to pay attention. Its messages were subtle. So subtle that at times the show’s messages could sail over the heads of its small, but dedicated audience.

How the audience perceives the message of scene is an important thing for a writer or director to consider when constructing a scene. The scene below is meant to show that Tommy Carcetti is no better than any other politician. He gives a long speech on how the city needs to be harder on the drugs-trafficking taking over the city. Carcetti’s words are passionate but lacking in substance. He offers no real solutions to the struggle of the people in Baltimore.

On the commentary for this episode, David Simon says that the performance of Aidan Gillen and the push-in of the camera imply truth to the audience. Aidan is so genuine in the fire behind his words that people don’t play attention to what he’s saying. Simon states that the push-in was done to show that this is Carcetti’s moment. This is where he becomes mayoral in the eyes of the people. He inspires people with the same words that have failed them in the past.

Simon commented that this showed that politics was more about the visuals rather than the words being spoken. Success in politics is about coming across as fitting for the position through your poise and articulation in debates. The content of your speech is secondary.



How has Donald Trump done it? How has he cemented his place as the front runner of the Republican Party? He was dismissed as a joke. The rhetoric spewed for months was that he’s peaked and will taper off soon. As each month goes by, he gets closer to gathering the delegates he needs to be on the ballot.

News organization are going bonkers with their Trump hate in their opinions sections.




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He is endlessly parodied on television. He is mocked day in and day out. He is called a racist, a misogynist, and the next coming of Adolf Hitler. His support base is said to be made up on uneducated racists. Barack Obama has come out and chatised Trump. Yet he continues to win.

The media is fueling Trump’s campaign. Their coverage of his insults and outlandish comments are endearing him to the general public. Trump’s success is an example that no publicity is bad publicity.

The hate that is thrown on Trump reminds me of the hate Obama received during his 2008 election. Barack Obama was called a Muslim. People said he was popular not because of his policies but because of the color of his skin. He was said to be the Anti-Christ.

The key to Donald Trump’s campaign is frustration with the establishment. People are pissed off. Voting for Donald Trump is giving the political system the finger. It’s why he keeps winning and winning.


Can Donald Trump win? Can he go all the way? Will he be our next president?

We will find out in November.