Holidays are terrible.

I hate holidays. They are a major inconvenience now that I’m not in high school. I’ve been screwed over by things being closed on holidays.

I suppose if I had a job, I’d want to have off on a random day. That’s the closest I get to liking holidays.

I hate Mother’s Day. I hate Father’s Day. I hate Veteran’s Day. I hate July 4th. I hate September 11th. I hate Christmas. I hate Easter. I hate Thanksgiving.

And Valentine’s Day? St. Patrick’s Day? I despise them.

Holidays suck. And I’ll tell you why they suck.

On any normal day, people act how they normally do. But BECAUSE IT’S CHRISTMAS or some other crappy holiday, people try to act nicer and they’re more generous.

I hate all these messages. Remember it’s Christmas. Treat everyone better.It’s Thanksgiving! Remember to be thankful.

Any decent person wouldn’t need to be told by a day on the calender to be thankful, generous, or to remember their loved ones.

The majority of these holidays are just made up by corporations so they can scrap together even more cash. My mom always asks for a mothers day card. Each year I get more and more reluctant to give her one. I never get her cards. She never asks for them except for this one day of the year. I feel like I’m being coerced.

Holidays are like many ideas people have. Good idea, awful execution.

Let’s look at Thanksgiving. I don’t even know why my family celebrates it. We’re first generation immigrants. What do pilgrims have to do with us? Turkey? Corn?

These traditional foods mean nothing to us. We’ve eaten chicken before. We never eat together at the dinner table except for this one meal. It’s like we’re pretending to be just like everyone else. We’re playing to an audience of no one.

I can eat Turkey any day. Why bother celebrating holidays with messages of togetherness, thankfulness, generosity when you don’t practice those virtues outside of that specific day. Anybody can pretend to be those things for 24 hours. But it takes a great person to continue on after that.

Also another reasons holidays suck is because it’s just another excuse for people to drink! Jesus’s Birthday? I’ll drink to that! New Year? I’ll drink to that! Some random event happened 200 years ago? Just inject the alcohol into my veins already!

The gift that keeps on…

I am an awful gift giver. I’ve never gotten my mom anything for mother’s day unless she complained the entire day and forced me too. I used to get cards when my parent (the one who wasn’t getting a gift) gave me like ten bucks. Once I got older, they expected me to get them gifts and cards. And I was awful at it.

I couldn’t even give my best friend a good gift for all her birthday parties she invited me with. I once wanted to give her this game I had got called Tales of Symphonia (pretty good game). I put it in a bag and I went off to the party. Then about 3 to 4 hours later, I would leave the party, get back home, and realize I still had the gift.

This happened like two years in a row. I always felt so bad so I would just play the game afterwards in some way rectifying it.

I haven’t gotten my parents any gifts for Christmas in years nor have I even tried to give them anything for their birthday. My mom tells me that because of my attitude I won’t get anything for my birthday.

Then she takes me out for dinner every time.

I never feel that bad though. I say “happy birthday” to them and I try not to bother too much. I don’t like the idea of a physical gift or even a card. It’s just a traditional thing that people expect to get. I feel like it just mean as much. I don’t expect to get gifts from people on special days. An acknowledgement of my birthday is nice but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if nobody said anything.

I do feel bad for my parents. It pains me to do inauthentic things like give gifts when I don’t really want to. They expect these things and are disappointed. It probably part of the major rift between us.

I know some people would say to just do it for the sake of the relationship. Do it to make them feel better.

I just can’t. It violates something in me. I feel horrible when I do gestures without meaning it.