About This Blog

This blog is not for:
Blind people, Republicans, Democrats, employers, or agents of the law attempting to use this in a court case.

The opinions of this blog reflect those of one individual who may become the first man to become as powerful as a corporation.

Anything you read should not be taken seriously while at the same time is complete honesty and thus should be taken completely seriously.

All images belong to their respective owners. if you believe that your image has been used without your permission, you can contact me at the e-mail above.

If you are offended by anything written on this blog, please leave a comment or send an e-mail to kotenks@geocities.com. You will be dealt with swiftly. The owner of this blog has a lot of free time.

Privacy Policy.
People who leave comments are responsible for their material. Comments can be removed at any time, but they won’t be. Please only respond to this blog if you can write your way out of a paper bag.

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