Upselling. Competitive Advantage?

Despite existing in a world where people can order any product online, brick and mortar continue to pester, annoy and borderline harass their customers by upselling.

Everybody is familiar with the upsell. Electric stores try to sell customers warranties to devices they purchase. Restaurants want their customers to buy a large drink and not a small. If a customer isn’t buying a drink, they should be.  Companies have instructed their employees to do this as a part of the in-person experience.

I despise it. When someone tries to upsell me something, it makes me not want to go to that store anymore. I used to shop at Gamestop regularly until being hounded to preorder games I never asked about. I’d go into the store and have to wait on a long line and then have to wait again as the cashier went into a spiel about preordering games, their game card, and their game warranties.  Now I order my games off of Amazon.  The company lost my regular business.

These stores boast that their in-store customer experience is what gives them an advantage over ordering online, but it’s a detriment. Does anyone want to sit through someone going through a preset script every time they want to purchase an item? Perhaps this is why every year more and more people are ordering online. If brick-and-mortar stores want to continue to exist, they need to make purchasing an item in store as simple and easy as buying online.



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