Cartoon Network to Reboot Johnny Bravo In 2017

Deadline has reported that Cartoon Network will move forward with a new version of their late 90s hit, Johnny Bravo.  The show is being retooled for modern audiences and will be released in 2017.

Johnny Bravo debuted in 1997

We reached out to Christy Millhouse, president of Cartoon Network, for further details on the new show.

The show will be titled, Suzy and Johnny and is geared to be a more woman-friendly show. The Johnny Bravo character will be a sidekick to a young woman named Suzy. Suzy, a little girl in the original series will be the same age as Johnny in this new series and the new main character. The show will explore the dangers of street harassment and the struggles that the modern woman faces today.

The pilot episode will start with an apology to the audience from Van Partible, the original creator of Johnny Bravo. The rest of the episode will be Suzy explaining to Johnny why his approach to women is wrong.

During our online correspondence, Ms. Millhouse let us know what this new cartoon meant for the legacy of Cartoon Network.

“Johnny Bravo was a dark chapter in Cartoon Network’s history. We had this musclehead character harassing and sexually objectifying women for laughs. He was a symbol of the toxic masculinity that permeates our society,” stated Christy Millhouse. “He kissed a girl in one episode without her consent. We’re not proud of that. We influenced a generation of young men. We have Johnny Bravos out there now who think approaching women aggressively with bad pick up lines while flexing their muscles and dancing is okay. It is not. ”

As part of the modernization process, the old writing and animation teams will not be brought back for Suzy and Johnny. The new creative team is headlined by Andromeda Antony, a woman with a bachelor’s degree in woman’s studies, a master’s degree in gender studies, and a doctorate in woman’s gender studies.

We did not reach out to her for comment. She called us up. We still don’t know how she got our number.

“I’m loving this chance to change history. 2017 will have a new Johnny Bravo that women will love. I can’t share all the details now but expect a softer more feminist Johnny. The muscles and ugly yellow hair fin are gone. And with that goes the chauvinistic humor too. The influence of the old show is felt to this day. Some man tried to holler at me as I biked to work. He said ‘how it’s cooking, good looking.’ He objectified me sexually and assumed that I cooked. I do not cook. I am a strong proud independent woman who orders take-out every night. No woman should feel as threatened as I did when that man said that to me. Events like this occur because of shows like the old Johnny Bravo. ” said Ms. Antony.

With a new Johnny comes a new catchphrase. Fans of the show may remember Johnny Bravo would say “do the monkey with me”. His new catch phrase will be “fight the wage gap with me. ” We didn’t ask Ms. Antony for any more details, but she let us know the new show has had its conflicts behind the scenes already.

“One of the women on the writing staff said she found the old show funny. She said it was humorous for a muscly guy to be a dumb wimp who was terrible with women. She said she found the pick-up lines to be witty. I told her none of that is ever funny. Johnny once got in a woman’s view, moved in close to sniff her and then said ‘You smell kind of pretty. Want to smell me?’ That is not funny. She had to be let go. She thought the misogynistic comments were funny because society pressured her to find that funny. The poor girl had no mind of her own.”

Suzy and Johnny is expected to be shown on Cartoon Network in fall of 2017.

82 thoughts on “Cartoon Network to Reboot Johnny Bravo In 2017

  1. This is really fucking stupid. Johnny Bravo was funny. And he never got any of the women he objectified. This new one sounds absolutely feminazi and dumb. Can nobody take a fucking joke anymore?

    1. Cartoon Network better not go politically correct. You have fucking little kids watching your channel. This feminist agenda crossed the line.

    2. How dare they do this to him. Cartoon Network is trying to kill off all the good stuff. We can’t let this happen! What’s next, Dexter’s Laboratory? If they’re making a new Johnny Bravo at least make it a full crossover show of Johnny Bravo and Dexter’s Laboratory.

    3. For real! Like im not watching this garbage… Johnny use to get his ass beat on women lol great stuff but having Suzy as the main character just ruins it not alone everything els…

  2. Now the show sounds stupid. The premise of the original show was feminist enough: dude-bro tries to have sex with women, gets his ass kicked by said women. Goes home to mommy, never gets laid.

  3. What is WRONG with you? Johnny Bravo is and always was AMAZING! There should be no reason to apologize for such a beloved character and I’m going to boycott this reboot!

    From a mother of 3 teenaged daughters

  4. Show could have been made the same way. There was nothing wrong with how it was before. I loved this show but I treat everyone with respect. This feminist thing is getting out of hand……. Another show ruined. Thanks cartoon network. PS Bring back the original teen titans. That is one that didn’t need to be re done….

  5. I can hardly believe what I just read. Johnny was a parody of overbearingly chauvinistic and sexist dumb men. He was done in a way that was so over the top that nobody, not even a child could have mistaken his behavior as appropriate, but instead as a model of how not to behave. Besides, what ever happened to parents taking responsibility for teaching their children respect, right from wrong, and what cartoons actually are? Also Christy Millhouse has a bit too much confidence in the influence of her company if she believes THEY are responsible for creating a generation of pigs… “We influenced a generation of young men. We have Johnny Bravos out there now who think approaching women aggressively with bad pick up lines while flexing their muscles and dancing is okay. It is not”. Oh give me a break lady. Idiotic self absorbed sexist men (and women) were around long before you and your silly little cartoon show. This reminds me of the 70’s when suddenly Tom and Jerry were friends that just seemed to get under each others skin a bit… because the concept that a cat wants to kill and eat a mouse was somehow too much for kids to take in without becoming maniacs. Ugh.

    1. They’re apologizing for nothing. What they should apologize for is the making of this show. And what Cartoon Network has turned into.

  6. That’s so stupid. It’s because of Johnny Bravo that I grew up to believe that is not how you treat a woman, because the funny thing about it is he was always rejected and disrespected for his actions! There were key moments in the show where he’d actually use his heart instead of his 2nd head and they would warm up to him. Sure he was objectifying, but that was not the message. This is just a boring and ridiculous way to push your extreme leftist feminist views on children because you think you’re right and everyone and everything is misogynistic. Get over yourselves and let people form their own damn opinions.

  7. Johnny Bravo was already promoting feminism. if you look at it, Johnny was intended as the example of how a man should not act in a woman’s presence. he kept using cheap pickup lines and flexing his muscles in an attempt to pick women up for sex, plus he was intended to be a complete chauvinist.

    but every time he used his standard routine, there was a woman who refused and beat him up badly. the show was literally more a case of how is this woman going to injure Johnny for his attempts at sexual harrassment than it was him actually ever getting a date.

    in fact, the Reason 8 year old Suzie was his only actual friend, was kind of to highlight his nature as a pig, by him ignoring her advice, because he couldn’t acknowledge her intelligence, despite her youth. and he ran off doing the same stuff that got him injured in all sorts of ways.

    you don’t need to rewrite johnny bravo. i mean, sure, he was a sexist who beleived he was entitled to all the sex he wanted because he was an athlete. but if you look at it, he constantly gets rejected and recieves constant physical abuse.

    you don’t need to reboot the series to fit the feminist narrative, because the series was already pretty darn feminist to begin with.

  8. BOY, someone better call CN and tell them to stop this bullshit!! I know SOMEONE has their number and I’M DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO SEE THEM ONCE AGAIN BUTCHER ANOTHER GOOD TV SHOW LIKE THEY’VE DONE THE LAST 3 TIMES!!!!

  9. Great.. Now all that’s left to do is to erase any and all traces of the johnny bravo of late. why wouldn’t you want to PURGE history of the kind of history you dont like at the present time? we should also redact any mention of Hitler so he doesn’t perpetuate his hate from the grave.

  10. This reboot is going to be just as succesful as the ghostbusters reboot for the exact same reasons the ghostbuster reboot was (un)succesful

  11. This woman is borderline retarded. Damn when she said some guy was like “what’s cooking good looking” she took it as assuming she cooked??? It’s a old fashion pick up line that has to do with rhyming and she took it literal fucking retard. She’s gonna destroy this show, legit Johnny Bravo was part of the golden age of Cartoon Network and some pissed off feminist bitch is gonna ruin it. Fuck. She needs a sense of humor

  12. Sure are you going to screw it up like you did teen Titans? I’d you can’t bring back the past then leave it there

  13. Thanks for ruining another childhood show even before it has even aired. Johnny never got any girl who he used his moves on and always went home crying to his mommy afterwards. Thats not anti-feminist, it shows stupid puns and being a douche doesn’t work! I hope this is all a joke because you will piss off so many people and break the hearts and souls of 90’s kids.

  14. So in other words, this is gonna be a feminist propaganda show that’ll hopefully get cancelled after a couple of episodes

    I’m glad the kids these days have their head in YouTube

  15. You’re kidding right? Johnny Bravo was made to be funny in a different time period than today. And to say that woman had been pressured into believing that was funny is just stupid. She has a kind of her own and xan think on her own. If she found it funny l, then it was funny to her. Why is it we now have to apologize for humor? This show was to be humorous not an insult.

  16. “One of the women on the writing staff said she found the old show funny. She said it was humorous for a muscly guy to be a dumb wimp who was terrible with women. She said she found the pick-up lines to be witty. I told her none of that is ever funny. Johnny once got in a woman’s view, moved in close to sniff her and then said ‘You smell kind of pretty. Want to smell me?’ That is not funny. She had to be let go. She thought the misogynistic comments were funny because society pressured her to find that funny. The poor girl had no mind of her own.”
    Fuck you, she has a mind of her own. You’re the one trying to tell her she can’t have a mind of her own, she can’t have her own opinion.

  17. Andromeda Antony we all know you are a whortless piece of feminazi bullshit but if you (With a degree in gender studies)(wtf is that?)destroy Johnny Bravo I will never take feminists seriously

  18. Ohh my god are you fucked in the head!!!!!
    “How’s it cooking,good looking” DOESN’T MEAN HE ASSUMED YOU COOK….HE WAS ASKING YOU “HOW ARE YOU”…..this remake is gonna be terrible

  19. Normally, I would be outraged that something like this is coming, but this is fake

    Fight the wage gap with me? That alone made this a fake article

  20. Is this a joke? Please tell me it’s a joke.

    Johnny Bravo is one of the best shows from my childhood. (I’m watching it right now, actually.) And it’s a great show just how it is. Sure, Johnny may not be the most outstanding male role model, but his personality and zany adventures made us laugh. And if you think about it, he always got his just desserts in almost every episode. So it wasn’t like they were exactly saying that how he acted was “okay” or “the right way for men to act”.

    All the women I know, including myself, love Johnny Bravo! And I don’t want some extreme feminist ruining my childhood! (I’m not against women’s rights or anything, but an extreme of anything isn’t good.)

    Also, that woman shouldn’t have been fired. I feel bad for her. She stood up for herself, like a woman should, and got fired for it? Not cool.

    Please don’t do it, Cartoon Network!!!!

  21. I’m just disappointed in life and kind of feel like ending my life after I saw this. The show that taught kids to not be assholes to women being labeled as mysoginistic honestly makes me wonder who the fuck you even think you are. tbh I value sewage over your life.

  22. Another great show ruined because some got their feelings hurt. This “feminist movement” Is ridiculous they spout lies and if you don’t agree or conform, they silence you like they did the girl on the writing team.

  23. This whole statement is shit, 1why should there be a study for women 2 the bloke that made the stupid comment of ‘whats cooking good looking’ is not an assumption of a woman cooking 3 the woman that had to be let go was obviously unfairly let go considering they stated ‘she had no opinion of her own’ had been fired for having a genuine thought on the show, all of this is just utter bullshit and is going to fail before it has even started, no person would want to see a new feminist johnny bravo, if you are so annoyed with johnny bravo then do not bring it back, you are destroying a great ’90s child programme, there are quite a few programmes that were utterly racist and sexist but no one brings them back because they didnt like how they were, this is utter bollocks and this is coming from a ’90s kid that grew up with these programmes and ive grown up fine as i am sure others have as well, you either bring it back as it was or dont bring it back at all, if i had a child i would let them watch the old johnny bravo not this stupid shit show!! DO THE MONKEY WITH ME!!!

  24. This can’t be real. This seems like a horrible joke, especially some of the shit they say! “I do not cook. I felt threatened over this.” Like really? It’s women like that that make me ashamed to even be female! This is horrible, this can’t actually be happening???

  25. Oh piss off with this bullshit. The more unnecessarily “politically correct” shit gets has to stop. Johnny Bravo was awesome back in the day and this is just shitting on that show. Just because some cunt can’t handle jokes they don’t like. This sounds like feminazi bullshit. Omfg smh.

  26. And look how well feminization worked for the GhostBuster reboot. FAIL!
    Bravo was hilarious precisely because he poked fun at a 1950’s macho stereo type. Unfortunately the clueless feminazis in charge of this media outlet will destroy yet another fond memory in their quest to castrate maleness.

  27. The whole point of the show was that he was an asshole and never got any of the girls he objectified. This whole reboot is a joke but nobody is laughing.

  28. Well done CN. You done fucked up a great show….Again. first Scooby then Looney tunes then teen Titans and now Johnny bravo. You PC pussies really ruined CN. Congrats assholes. You killed the lion.

    1. that’s Warner bros fault
      they were in charge of all of that
      It’s all there fault because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have to have all these awful reboots

  29. I came from the future to say: Guys, c’mon, that’s just a joke. First, the name of CN’s actual president is Christina Miller, not Christy Millhouse. Also, who in hell is Andromeda Anthony? And “a bachelor’s degree in woman’s studies, a master’s degree in gender studies, and a doctorate in woman’s gender studies.”? What? Also, this is so horribly written and absurd it’s hard to believe…

  30. I hate this so much!! Trash like THIS is why people hates feminists. Idiots believe THIS is what feminists really think…
    Let me tell you:
    1) I am a REAL feminist.
    2) I believe in equality, so fameles = males.
    3) Johnny Bravo was funny as hell and I LOVED watching it. THIS, however, is a JOKE. A sad, stupid joke…

  31. This is just fucking dumb. Johnny was NEVER shown to be in the right when he hit on women. He was slapped, thrown, and rejected CONSTANTLY for doing the things he did. It was funny and harmless. Stop fucking up a good show and go back to crying on tumblr with the rest of the feminazis.

  32. I really feel like this Is going to ruin the show the entire premise of the show is johhny messing with women but personally I’m just glad samurai jack is an adult swim show

  33. Unless cartoon brew or some other reliable cartoon news source says something this is fake news to me. Literally there only 3 articles about this from sites I’ve never heard of
    Or maybe they just barried it deep into the dark relm of the Internet because it was a lame idea I didn’t see anything wrong with Johnny bravo he even had an episode where he realized he was wrong. He went back to being the way he normally is after but still

  34. This sounds absolutely terribly. When they said, “Johnny Bravo was a dark chapter in Cartoon Network’s history.” it made me cringe. From what was said in the article makes this show sounds more cancerous than the Power Puff Girls reboot. The feminists are going to RUIN Cartoon Network. Rework it or don’t make it.

  35. It was hilarious just like it was. Sad that everyone is SO OFFENDED by this humor. His behavior was appalling, my kids knew THAT. That’s what made it so awesome. Seeing the ridiculousness of it. Being able to laugh at ourselves and with each other.

  36. firing a woman for doing what you are trying to force onto these small, brainwashable children. sickens me. i was born in 2001 and i LOVED johnny bravo. it actually was the one thing when i was a kid that calmed me down. NOW you have ruined it you feminazi. i mean, i support women’s rights and all, but this is to extreme. this is the most cancer-infested, chromosome filled, piece of shit idea ever to (not) grace this earth.

  37. Johnny bravo was one of the greatest cartoons I have ever seen. One that I was actually hoping to show my son. How funny is it that you are so in politically correct that you have to go around and change a cartoon just because you think that the old cartoon was sexist! You even fired one of your writing staff’s because you didn’t agree with her opinion? What are you in fifth grade! I find this very funny! The show may have influenced kids, but not in the way you think! Please call me I would love to comment on this!!

  38. I think it’s just hilarious that people are so politically correct that they have to change a show that actually made millions of kids smile and laugh! I am 22 years old and I still love that show and it breaks my heart that you all are changing it just because it offended a woman who gets taken out every night. I don’t see the harm in that show never have and I would gladly let my son watch it every day as long as the parent takes care of their children and teaches them discipline and respect they would know not to learn from a cartoon that has nothing to do with real life I would love to comment in person!

  39. Johnny was really sweet when he put his fat ego aside!!! you nazis are just gonna make this reboot as awful as you made teen titans go and the new power puff girls!!!! i will never watch normal tv again!!!

  40. I sincerely hope this abomination of conundrum is a joke?

    I think I really have had enough of this lazy, unproductive, emotional fice-belonging Social Justice Warrior culture and it’s time for you to just fade away, blown like a dust in the wind and gone.

    No ill-minded and insipidly foolhardy of brain-possessing feminist or a frenchified persona non grata forcing political correctness down people’s throats is needed to teach society what should they think. Want your safe spaces? Go there and hide under your rocks and stick to your Teletubbies (I bet you’d find that utmost offensive as well, someday… Did they just assume your gender by addressing the audience? Oh my!).

    As for Van Partible apologizing, I do beg your pardon, sir, but you do endure that insult of an idea they proposed you for a pilot show, please consider sticking your head in the mud like rest of the Hollywoodites that release stinking armpit odors out of their mouths.

    That’s all I have to say. Thank you.

  41. I loved this show as a kid, not because he “objectified?” Women but because he was too immature to have an intellectual conversation. A lot of young men are like this today and some older men as well. I know plenty of muscle head freaks who think they are all that it’s just fun to watch them crash and burn, not all women are brainy either because some girls actually fall for that routine. If I learned anything from johnny it’s how not to treat a lady.

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