Top 5 Reasons People Give Up On Their Dreams

“Anything is possible!” “You can be anything that you want to be!” “You set your mind to it, you can do it!”
We allow children to dream. Their lives are all ahead of them. Who knows what the future holds? We encourage them to hold on tightly to their aspirations and carry them with them into the future. They have the power to make their dreams come true.

But as time moves on, we are told to become more realistic about our goals in life. It might even come from the same people who told you anything was possible. We can’t all be astronauts after all. And we need to make a living. We may also bump into physical and mental limitations that make ours dreams unobtainable. Or learn that our dreams weren’t so great after all.

1. Lack of Drive

You have to be insane to do anything extraordinary. You just have to be. You must be disciplined to the point where you can’t be broken by all the rejection you face. And most people aren’t that strong. If they were, everyone would achieve their dreams. But these people have the dreams but they lack the will to make it happen. They want the dream to come to them. Or they don’t want to go through any part of the pain involved in the process.

I think everyone knows a person like this. They’re always talking about getting something done or how they would love to do something. But they don’t.

2. Family

I covered a presentation for my college newspaper about how women think they have to choose between having a career and having a family. This woman spoke about this dilemma and how women didn’t have to choose between the two. They could have both.

Unfortunately this is not true for everyone. Sacrifices have to be made for the family. I know my parents made a lot of sacrifices for me and my brother. There are things my father could have done, but didn’t because he put family first.

There are dreams that are just incompatible with having a family and kids.

3. Lack of Resources

It takes more than heart and resolve to make your dreams come true. Hard work is not always rewarded. There are people who have sacrificed everything to be actors, directors, and CEOs. And they have nothing to show for it. They had the same drive, but they didn’t know the right person to help break them in. Or they couldn’t afford to move out somewhere else to take advantage of opportunity. They might not have had enough money to pay someone to help them.

Their heart was in the right place, but it was not be.

4. Lack of Talent/Physical gift

This is more for people who want to be sports players. There are people who are biological freaks and it’s not fair. Everything comes easier to them. You can work your ass off, but you still can’t keep up with them. When the time comes for selection, it won’t be you that’s picked.

5. Lack of Luck
To me this is the equation to success

Hard Work(Time) + Resources + Luck = Success

I read stories of people breaking into the entertainment industry. There was one great actor, whose name escapes me right now, that only went into acting because someone mistook him for someone else and asked him to read lines. And so he got the job. What a lucky break.

There are people who are close to getting a break and then they get hurt. Professional wrestling is filled with stories of guys who would have loved to be on the big stage. But then they got one too many concussions and it was over. Professional sports careers can end this way.

You can have the drive, the resources, and put in the time, but without luck you still might end up having to give in and give up.

A Boy Has the Right to Dream

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