The Middle


Act 2 sucks so much. It’s this big double act where a bunch of stuff happens that leads up to the end. Act 1 is simple. There’s people and then horrible things happen to them. Then they do something about. Act 3 is also easy.
It’s seeing if they won or lost in the end.

Act 2 is what happens in-between. The middle of a story is the most boring part. Ratings dip in the middle of television seasons after huge season premieres and then bigger season finals. The audience

I’ve learned that Act 2 is a test. It’s a test to see if your story has enough meat to it. If you fail that test, you have to go back to the drawing board.

I really struggle with Act 2B. Pages 60 to 75 are a killer for me. I had a person gives me notes on a screenplay and at page 60-75 they had nothing to say. My story lost all its energy and sputtered wheels for fifteen pages. They got back into the story for the last twenty, but I knew I lost them for that fifteen pages.

I thought out-lining would help but it somehow became even worse. I’m going to have rethink my entire Act Two philosophy. Stuff happens is not good enough to help me work through this weakness of mine. I’ll have to read more scripts.

Or just write bullshit until it turns out awesome.

Fuck the Middle.

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