Blog Post 3/17/15


I always found this picture to be very humbling. Kevin Carter received the highest honor journalism can give for this picture. He would take his life the year he got it.

When I get down on myself and a little sad, I go back to this picture. I think about the subject of it. A little girl for whom a name is not and never will be known. Here she was on her way to a food station when her little legs puckered out. She took a rest. And a vulture crept in behind her.

Twenty people would die every hour of every day at this food station. I wonder if it’s better there now. These people had one existence like you and I. They didn’t get to have dreams. They weren’t told any platitudes about how working hard would lead to their success or how keeping a positive attitude would make things better. They spent their one life with their organs slowly shrinking until they were no more.

They were human like you and me. This little girl not all that much different than any other little girl you see in a school yard. But she was born in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is what life handed her. She never had a chance. This picture is her legacy. She reminds us of how unfair, unforgiving, brutal, barbaric, and terrible life can be.

One thought on “Blog Post 3/17/15

  1. What an amazing, heartbreaking photograph. As the parent of children her age, I feel so blessed that despite all the hardships I have ever endured, my children have never gone hungry. And yes, I did nothing to deserve for my children to be so fortunate. Indeed, life is not fair.

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