It’s not supposed to be good, damn it!


In 2011, I gave the WWE a clean slate. I had complained and whined for years that they needed to give CM Punk a real chance. And they finally did. In a five star match, CM Punk defeated John Cena to become the WWE champion. He was the hottest property in all of professional wrestling.They had done right by me for once. So I decided to trust them and see where this journey was leading. I accepted that they knew what they were doing with CM Punk and the direction of the company.

It took them only two months to completely destroy my trust in them.

Hardcore wrestling fans(IWC) pride themselves on being wise to the wrestling business. They read wrestling newsletters and follow wrestling journalists to get the inside scoop on the backstage happenings. They watch shoots where wrestlers break character and come clean on how storylines develop. They want great matches with the best wrestlers in the world. They want killer promos from the best talkers in the world. They wanted to be pleasantly surprised. They want to be excited about wrestling.

So then I must ask this question.

Why do they still watch Monday Night Raw?

I was in that spot where I was stuck watching Monday Night RAW. I held out hope for years. They had the talent to consistently put on good shows. Every week I would watch with that glimmer of hope. This week will be the week that they stop being idiots and let me enjoy their show. They could push CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as their top guys. It wouldn’t sink the company. They’d thrive with the best performers at the top of the company.

They had settled for John Cena, a man with hokey selling and terrible punches. He had a strong work ethic but he was not my guy. He was rejected by the fans and still shoved down their throats. His time had to come to an end so there could be change. I saw him as the biggest reason why wrestling wasn’t good anymore. He dragged the show with his nonsensical rambling and overt pandering to the crowd. The show revolved around keeping him strong. So he had to go. Then good programming would come. A new boom era would begin once Cena was outsed.

In 2013, I finally got my wish. John Cena went down with an arm injury for a few months. Daniel Bryan became the top face in the company. CM Punk was number two. But the show still sucked. It was worse. Then I realized nothing can make this show good because it’s not in the plans. The people at the top are not concerned with putting on good programming. That’s why they went to three hours. They know that show is worse for it, but they can make more money. They’ve grown an audience that accepts the show will be trash. Their entire business model depends on this audience not caring about the quality of the shows and just tuning in like they always do.

Week in and week out, Monday Night Raw was bad. And I was right there to get angry about it. They weren’t idiots. They knew what they were doing. Every hardcore fan saw it wrong. They know what good wrestling is. They know what great promos are. They just don’t want to give it to us because trash will do just as well. Why put in effort when you’ll get the same result either way. It took me a while but I finally tuned out.

Of all the wrestling promotions, The WWE is at the bottom when it comes to quality. If you’re a big wrestling fan and all you watch is WWE, you’re missing out. New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrila, Ring of Honor, Total Nonstop Action, and Dragon Gate put on better shows with better wrestlers and matches. They don’t openly insult their audience and blame them for not adopting their new subscription service.

If you’re a know-it-all fan who is angry with WWE, stop. They don’t care so why should you? It’s time to be smart enough to pick up that remote and change the channel. You don’t have to watch it. You can enjoy yourself. You deserve good wrestling so turn some on. There’s plenty out there.

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