Big Hero 6 was okay.

Today I’ll be a prick and over-analyze a kid’s movie.

Big Hero 6 came out last year and won the Academy Award for Best Animated Film. I know the people who vote for the Oscars don’t bother to watch the animated features and just hand it off to whatever Disney/Pixar movie is , but they really should have nominated The Lego Movie. They could have tried to keep the charade going. Now we know they don’t care.

This movie is not bad. Many parts of it are excellent. Some of the action scenes are creative and I love the design of Baymax. He is the most huggable character since Barney the Dinosaur.


Big Hero 6 is a by-the-numbers movie. I was waiting to learn something from this movie, but it followed the standard movie formula. So I was able to follow every beat and see where each plot thread was going. I saw each of the twists coming other than the villain’s motivation, but that was impossible to discern from the information given. I also felt that Big Hero 6 could have been cut down to Big hero 4 or Big Hero 3. Many characters lacked individual identity and felt they were there to just be another action scene to cut to. Could be an issue of adaptation.

This was okay. The Lego Movie was better.

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