I’m a fraud!


Two things happen when I join a writing club. I get bored and stop going because everyone is so much older than or they start asking for money and I bolt. During the time before those happenings, I’ve noticed something about other writers. Writers are very insecure about the quality of their writing.

I knew people who came to writing club every week and they were too shy to ever bring anything in. They could not withstand a single line of criticism. This would go on for months. I It’s okay to be insecure. Even professional writers are very insecure people. I listen to interviews with writers while I work and they’re all very paranoid. They act like they’re in the witness protection program. One day someone is going to figure them out and take away their life.

Some people spend forever rewriting and editing the same piece for years and years. It must be perfect. But then they don’t show it to anyone. They just mentioned it in passing.

There’s a need to quality check and rewrite. But you can’t be so afraid of criticism to the point of stifling yourself creatively. You can write. It will be bad. It might be good. Whatever! They can’t take it away from you.

2 thoughts on “I’m a fraud!

  1. Literally the only thing stopping me from joining my city’s writing group is that I’m embarresed about showing or reading work out, and I don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t. but I am actually going to go next week, I’ve been psyching myself up for so long. šŸ™‚

    1. That’s great. Most writers love to hear about other people’s work. It encourages them to write more too. I hope you have an awesome time.

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