The World’s Oldest Profession

So the other day I’m vacuuming my house and moving around furniture, and this question surfaces to the top of my mind. It might have been because Law and Order:SVU was on.


Why is prostitution illegal? Why does the government need to stop two consenting adults from having sex if money is exchanged?

A person can pay two people to have sex on tape for a porn video. The government has no issue there. They’ll gladly take their tax money. But if you take the camera and director away, the government now has their eye in that bedroom. If there is an exchange of money, someone is going to prison.

Strip clubs exist. Money can be exchanged for sexual arousal. You can pay to gaze at naked women swinging around on poles. And in the back, you can pay more for an erotic lap dance with sexual contact.

What is it about penetrative sex that the government has a problem with? What is there to fear about legalized prostitution?

With that industry regulated, sex workers are now safer. They are now protected by the government and away from their dangerous pimps. Their clients are no longer criminals sneaking around in the dead of night. Sexually transmitted diseases won’t be a problem for either party if the government is able to give regular tests. What is there to fear?

Beyond adherence to the morals of religion, I can’t think of a single legitimate reason. But I know brothels will not become commonplace around this country any time soon.

It’s political suicide for anyone to champion this. It might be easier for a female politician, but would any be willing to risk alienating potential supporters? Could they gain ground at the national level fight for legalized prostitution?


8 thoughts on “The World’s Oldest Profession

  1. In canada, propitiation was until recently mostly legal. The (very conservative) government just introduces legislation that would criminalize prostitution but it will almost certainly be struck down by the courts as unconstitutional. In fact our two largest provinces will not enforce the law because they are so certain it is unconstitutional

  2. Interesting fact. Rhode Island accidentally decriminalized indoors prostitution for a while. During that time, forcible rape went down 33% per capita.

      1. Personally, I don’t think rape is *always* about power. We’re apes, and we come from a long line of species that use forced copulation as a way to reproduce. It would be bizarre if that suddenly stopped just because we started walking upright and talking. Maybe just having a sexual outlet helps potential rapists. Maybe paying a woman for sex is enough of a power trip for them. I’d need to do more research, though, but I do believe that giving potential rapists a legal way to have sex with women who would otherwise be unavailable to them certainly can’t hurt.

  3. Its legal and regulated in Australia, there are fairly strict laws and health practices attached to those laws. I believe that this makes things far better for the women involved, I’d know too, I was an escort and a street walker in my teens.

    When I worked illegally, before I was legally able to it was dangerous work, mostly run by crime. When I ‘came of age’ ie working age my situation changed drastically, my income multiplied, I was usually safe from assault or beatings and I was even able to get health insurance to cover me – even if the premiums are huge.

    There is only reasons to make it illegal is vested interest and outmoded religious bias. It is quite likely older than relgion itself, and it will out last it too.

    It is the hight of nativity to assume to make it illegal, it thrives regardless, the only thing is when it is illegal there is no control and the women involved are nothing short of slaves.

  4. People should be allowed to use their bodies the ways they desire to. However if that is the case then we definitely need to up the education of self awareness in many places in this nation.

  5. Whatever people don’tt understand they will try and condemn, and believe it or not religion plays a major role within any modern society, no matter where we are from. Politicians aren’t the only oppressors , the various religions and members within society who refuse to be non judgmental are also to be listed as those who criminalize prostitution.
    One way or the other we all sell a part of ourselves for money in some pointing time of our lives.

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