Dirtsheets You Can Trust

If you’ve been a wrestling fan for more than a day, you’ll know the real interesting stuff is what’s happening behind the scenes. Who is going to win the Royal Rumble? Who is Vince McMahon angry with? How many buys did the latest PPV have? Who was behind that awful divas segment?

But what news is legit? For a “fake” sport, there’s a ton of fake news. Eminem has tried to become a wrestler nearly three times since 2005. And there’s been two Kanes.

The Big 3.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter/Figure Four Daily (http://www.f4wonline.com/)

Newer fans will get to know Dave Meltzer through his star ratings. They are often isolated from his write-ups, so they are prone to irritate. He did give Undertaker and Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25 only four and three-quarters stars. (Rightfully so)

Who is this guy and why is his opinion so important? He’s the most trustworthy wrestling reporter. He is not right all the time, but he is right as a wrestling reporter can be. RAW is rewritten are changed minutes, wrestlers lie to his face. He gives all the facts that he can, and remains objective for the most part. He has this wealth of knowledge on professional wrestling. Peopel ask him questions on the radio shows about events that happened thirty to twenty years ago in Japan and he answers them off the cuff.

His partner, Bryan Alvarez is also a smart guy.

Wrestling Observer has a slight edge over the other two. Not say that the below two are not trustworthy. They can break accurate stories before Meltzer. But Meltzer himself is a wonder that can’t be replicated.

PWinsider (pwinsider.com)

I do not know who is behind this site or writes for it. I could check right now but that would destroy the mystique. I know them only as PWinsider. PWinsider is never wrong. They have yet to fail me.

PWtorch (pwtorch.com)

Wade Keller is also a guy who knows his stuff and has connections. I really enjoy his interview style when it comes to professional wrestling talents. He has this way of nudging that gets a bit more than I feel other interviewers get out of them. Wrestlers can be bullshitters but he does a proper push.

So in short if you’re a wrestling fan and want to find out more about this dying industry, Wrestling Observer, PWinsider, and PWtorch.

And maybe you can try visiting Wrestling Inc.

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