Where would you prefer to die?

What if you could choose where?

Not choosing to end your life early, but to pick the time and place your life naturally expires. We’re lucky enough to live in a time where we will die in a hospital.

The doctors will give their best effort and it won’t be enough. We’ll pass away under those bright white hospital LED lights. Our last sounds will be the beeping of medical instruments and chatter from the medical personnel. Our families might be there with us before we go.. Some of us will even be fortunate enough to say our goodbyes.

I’d hate that.

I’d want it to be a cool autumn night on the side of a forest lake. October cool not November. My old wrinkly feet down in the briskly cold lake. I’m laying down on this dam coast as the water retreads in and out. I’d follow the fish swimming beneath me with my eyes. Silent other than the blowing wind. It beats me on face. Me and the night sky. The stars are out. I try to guess the constellations but I’m no good. No friends or family. No doctors cutting into me, trying to squeeze out a few more seconds of life for me. No struggle. Calmness, peace. Serenity.

One last glimpse into the night and then…

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