Race Swap

“Kingpin isn’t black! Man! They screwed it up! I ain’t watching that crap!
-my cousin twelve years ago upon seeing Daredevil‘s first trailer.

Movie adaptations can’t be wholly accurate representations of the source work. Everything cannot go in. Your favorite passage will not make it into the script. It’s the nature of adaptation to the screen. But once things like races start changing, you raise your eyebrow.

If you’re a diehard fan, you might have the same reaction my cousin did upon seeing a character’s race swapped.

No! They can’t even get the character’s races, right?! This movie is doomed! They’ve soiled it!

The casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm in Fox’s upcoming Fantastic Four had a small backlash. I see why someone would be skeptical of those in charge when characters’ history is being messed with.

something completely different.bmp

I’m ambivalent towards race swapping.

I try to wait and see the performance before making a rash judgement.

I wasn’t a fan of the changing of Johnny Storm but keeping Sue white. They’re blood brother and sister. The cynic in me thought the powers that be wanted their blonde love interest while still being able to reach the “urban” demographic. But I’ve since decided to give him a chance rather than root against him.

I’m peculiar about race swapping. I had no gripes with making Samuel L. Jackson into Nick Fury. There was a basis in the comics for it. But I hated when the races from Avatar: The Last Airbender were changed in Last Airbender. I refused to see it.

That’s the odd thing about race swapping. It’s a violation of a minority character when you turn them white, but swapping white people for minorities is okay. Why is that?

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