What’s next?

It’s easy for us to look down on people in the past for having such wacko beliefs. As if the world could be flat. How could you even be racist? Don’t those people in the 1800’s know how totally lame slavery is? But then what about us? We’re the present now, but we won’t be forever.

What will the people of the future look down on us for? I’ll list a few things I think might make us look barbaric or nonsensical in the year 2165.


I’m fairly confident that within my lifetime gay marriage will be legalized across the United States. But what’s next? Maybe more than two. People in the future might just be turning their noses down at us.

How could they only have one partner?

Concept of ownership
We can copy digital data. Once we can copy physical stuff, owning things will be a thing of the past. My house? No. You can have your own version of my house. We all will

Exercising/Going outside

One day they’re going to make a pill that makes you lose weight. There’s a large demand and I think someone someday will find a way to do it. With that will come the end of all need to leave the house. People in the future will scratch their heads at old pictures of people out in the sun and needing a gym to stay in shape.

Natural Birth

Clones are coming and women will no longer have to endure the bliss of childbirth. They’ll scrape off DNA from dad and mom, then toss it into a baby baker. Then pop comes out the baby!

That’s all for now.

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