Lethality of Loneliness

The video above is a TEDx talk about the biological impact of loneliness. It’s not the best science, but still worth a watch. It made rethink my interactions with people.

Towards the end of the video, he goes into how the brain of an isolated person is in constant self-preservation mode. Constantly vigilant, looking for the next social threat. He started to describe 2011-2013 me. That was my life. Who is going to be the next person to tell me that I’m not socializing perfectly? What’s the next thing I have to watch out for? Am I about to do something wrong? I’d have this mild anxiety about socializing. It’s gone now for the most part.

Why is it some people are fine alone and others can feel lonely even while around those who care about them? There are people who work solitary jobs that don’t experience the negative impact of social isolation. Is that biology? Societal raising? A mixture of the two? I wish he would have talked about why certain people are more susceptible to being lonely than others.

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