Too Easy

nuclear-bomb-explosion2Why is the relationship between destruction and creation so lopsided? Creation of life takes an immense amount of effort. It takes over twenty years to create a functioning human adult. It’s not just time that goes into that. You need twenty years worth of food, love, and teaching to make an adult. The average person eats 2,175 pounds a year. Children eat less so for the sake of discussion, I’ll say 20,000 pounds.


Twenty years of  unique life experiences, 20,000 pounds, and countless hours of attention go into the development of an adult. In less than a second, a person can be wiped out. Bang! Crash!  There is no replacement. They are gone from existence. We can’t recreate them no matter how much we want to. Even if we could, it’d take hundreds of years of research and trillions of dollars to get to that point. Even then, it’d still take a second to blow that recreated person up.

And that’s just one person. If you take a look at relationships, it’s a similar lopsided relationship. If I wanted to, I could destroy each of my friendships with a mere utterance. And it’d be impossible to get them back. Bye bye.

Mass killings and bombings show how easy it is for a small group or even one person to destroy so much. Look at the guy who shot up the movie theater. He ended irreplaceable lives and damaged others. It took only a minute of actual shooting. Months of planning went into the event. Months compared to the years that it took to create those people.

We can destroy more than people and relationships. We can destroy everything  If we wanted to, we could blow up the planet Earth. We have the power to do it. Everything would go boom. We could do it tomorrow. It’d be real easy too.

One thought on “Too Easy

  1. creation is far more interesting, revealing, informative, valuable, than destruction. This is something I feel like we live by as artists, writers. We understand this, but it’s still true for people as well. There’s something so simple in the act of destruction. It’s so easy. But life, creation, living, that takes work, that takes courage.

    Thank you for the uplifting post.

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