Above the Influence?


Why are Anti-drug commercials so lame? I don’t drink, huff, puff, snuff, snort,smoke, inject, ingest, vaporize, or absorb any drugs. It’s certainly not because of any of the stupid Above the Influence commercials. They are complete failures at stopping people from doing drugs. They make me cringe.

Look at this video.

This kid goes into a diner and mentions he doesn’t want to get twisted with his friends. The diner waiter gives him a break and he doesn’t have to pay for his meal. Seriously? Do they think this will get kids to not do drugs? They’ll get a free meal out of it? That’s how to entice the youth into a drug-free lifestyle? Free stuff?

This isn’t how the drug free life is at all. I’ve never been offered a free meal. I’m persecuted everyday because of my choice to be drug-free.

I am thoroughly convinced that the commercials use reverse psychology. The people who make these commercials want children to do drugs.

Here’s another one.

The dog tells her owner that she’s not the same when she does drugs. Great concept without the dog. Horrible execution. It’s just funny. The sort of thing people laugh off and then go get high. Nobody will be convinced by this video to stop. “Oh wow. That dog sure did make me sad. I’ll stop snorting cocaine off hooker’s asses from now on.”

Look at this Bud Light commercial.

That video is bleeping hilarious. It’s fun. Bud Light is seen as a prize that people want to earn. It’s a community gift. It’s something to be desired.

The symbolism in this one is nice and all. He rises above the drugs. I understand his feeling but this is not enough. Try harder anti-drug commercial makers. Maybe the makers of these commercials don’t try because they don’t care. They are probably like my teachers in middle school. They say don’t smoke and they smoke in the parking lot. They don’t understand what it means to be drug-free.

Above the Influence is a failure. I hate to say this because there’s a great idea to it. Let try to get kids to not do drugs. If they were good at their job, I would know more than one person who was actually drug-free! If the people behind Above the Influence were really serious, they’d spend their money fighting to get alcohol commercials off of TV. The Super Bowl is the most watched event on television and it has so many alcohol commercials.

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