Apologist for the Divine

I try to tolerate people’s religious beliefs to the best of my ability, but there are still some things about certain monotheistic religions that really make my blood boil.

Every time there’s a horrible tragedy, priests come out of the woodwork to justify the horrible event. Somehow all the death, destruction and other pain was good for the community in the end.

It’s every terrible event. Whether it’s a shooting, a natural disaster, or a disease outbreak, it was always better for us in the end. Listening or reading comments like these is like listening to a friend justify a bad purchase or investment.

Eventually you can convince your friend that they did do something wrong. You cannot do the same with these apologists.

The believer in a faith cannot ever admit that their infinitely good and perfect divine being can be wrong so they must rationalize the world around this fact or blame all bad things on the devil. I hate reading these articles trying to see the bright side of just atrocious killings so they can continue to believe in this being.

They look for every inch. If someone survived a terrifying shooting, thank god they survived. If they died, thank god they didn’t live and suffer or thank god you weren’t there. No matter what happens, God is always right and he wins.

I get why people do this but I think they should be a little more critical of God. Instead of accepting bad things, complain. Maybe God would try to improve then. If you’re just going to follow him, no matter what, why would he would even try?

Instead of rationalizing tragedies to fit the logic of your religious book, why not threaten to worship another God? Like Thor. He’s pretty cool. He’s  got a hammer and beats up aliens. He’s even got his own movie.  If you go to another God with your prayers and worship, the Christian God will have to clean up his act. He needs people to worship. If not, he’ll just be some infinitely powerful and divine being that nobody cares about or loves. Everyone wants to be loved even God.

Unless you think this is the best possible world ever and God does his best work. I’d disagree. There’s no magic. There’s no dragons or any cool stuff. This world is boring. Think of how this world could be improved if we could fly or teleport or absorb the power of the Xandarin world mind into our bodies and become human rockets.

Challenge your divine being to do more. Do not settle. If you don’t get what you want, take your worship elsewhere. Brand loyalty is overrated.

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