Horror Films

It’s that time of the year when television channels actually show horror films. All the classics are back on TV. I’ve always been a fan of the horror genre but there’s always been that one thing that’s bothered me about them.

The deaths of the characters barely ever matter. Death happens to truckloads of people in these movies and yet the effects are never felt. One they are dead, they may be referenced later on but that’s pretty much it. People exist in the movies only to be killed by the villain. Their deaths are shallow.  The character are shallows too; dumb teens or adults that are too stupid to live.

I’d like to watch a horror film where when someone dies, it drastically changes the direction the movie goes and how the characters react. Most of the time, a friend is killed. Other characters go looking for them. They are killed. Rinse and repeat. The last time I watched a horror film and actually felt sorry for the person getting killed was the opening scene of Scream.  I really wanted Casey Becker to survive the scene. Every time I watched I want to see her make it to her parents and get help. I wish more horror movies could be like this.

There needs to be less dumb people that are too stupid to live and more real human beings.

Also less Paranormal Activity. I don’t like that style of horror. It’s just too slow.



One thought on “Horror Films

  1. My friend recommends watching [Record]. Or just about anything related to Alien, Predator, or both.

    Try less horror and more thrillers?

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