Parenting License

You have to get a license in order to drive a car. You must pass a test to show that you are good enough to safely operate a vehicle. There are so many things you have to prove that you’re good enough before you’re able to do it. Parenting isn’t one of them.  You don’t need to prove that you’ll be a good parent before you pop a kid out. You have to prove this when you’re going to adopt, but not when you bring the child into existence. Atrocious stories fill the columns of newspapers detailing child abuse and neglect. Not everyone out there is fit to be a parent.

Bad parenting sullies our society. Children who are abused in turn abuse their own children leading to a cycle of pain. These children can grow up to become abusive adults. These abusive adults fill roles in our society.

Should parents have to prove themselves before they’re allowed to have children? Logically a parenting license is the way to go, but in practice it would never work. How do you teach parenting? Is there a surefire correct way to raise a child? Unlike driving a car, parenting isn’t simple. What would you put on the test? What would be the test? Spending a day with a child? And what about those who fail.  What would be done to people who want to have kids that don’t pass the parenting license test? Do we stop them from having kids? How? Sterilize them?  It becomes very messy. Implementation of a parenting license is impossible.

Raising a child is an immensely important and difficult task. Not every person is going to be good at it, but what can we do about that? Is there a way we can minimize the damage that bad parenting causes?

4 thoughts on “Parenting License

  1. nice thought .but will be practical?
    the best way will be to separate the kids from that bad parenting persons. it is like suggesting trial run for a marriage life before actual married life.

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