Analyzing the News

Today the Supreme Court decided that Arizona’s Immigration Law went too far and struck down three of the four provisions. I don’t have an opinion on this issue because I don’t live in Arizona and don’t know enough about what’s going on down there. I’m actually interested in how the many major different news companies covered it. News people are often accused of being biased. I want to see if this is true. So today we’ll be taking a look at some news websites. Earlier today, I took some snapshots of some websites to analyze.

1. CNN“Blow To Immigration Law”

This is the eye catcher. Does this language take a side? As far I can see, it’s a neutral stance. The rest of their front page information on this story doesn’t lead the audience either way. I’m not going to go into the actual article because that’s not the point. I want to see the differences in the front page make up of these news sites.

The other big element here is the picture. Pictures can be used to convey things that words may not be able to capture. All I see here is a group of people protesting. they aren’t made to look sympathetic or unsympathetic. They are just people in front of a building.

A person who didn’t know anything about this issue shouldn’t be swayed either way by this front page. So good work CNN.

2. Fox News

Fox News is often accused of being conservative. That’s all I ever hear about them. My parents treated it as a joke. The language used here is different than CNN. CNN stated that Supreme Court ruled in favor of the US whereas Fox News states that the Supreme Court struck down three provisions.  Fox News also does not lead the audience in either way on this issue. It has a nice picture of the Supreme Court. Nothing biased or leading about that at all However there is an interesting difference in the way CNN and Fox News refer to the healthcare ruling in their lower link.

Fox News calls the healthcare plan, Obamacare. CNN does not. Does this matter? Is It biased? I don’t know. It doesn’t really lead the audience to like or dislike the health care more or less.  From what I can see, Fox News is just as objective on the front page as CNN.

3. Huffington Post

This is how the Huffington Post posted the story on their website. Gutted is a visceral word. They don’t mention the Supreme Court. There’s just a huge picture of a statue that rests outside the Supreme Court’s building. I love this. It’s like the verdict was handed down by a divine power. The great statute of the Supreme Court has spoken. GUTTED! There was a link on the bottom of this that I left out that. It was a link to the story. To the right of it was the number of comments which was over 7,000. Is this unbiased? Yeah. I don’t have a problem with

So 3 for 3 on these top stories. One day I’ll look at actual articles and break down whether they are leading the audience or not. Not now because that feels too much like homework.

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