Have you ever talked to a good old fashioned racist?

Not the kind where people try to hide it or make excuses . I’m talking about A good old fashioned, “down with darky. Blacks aren’t people.” racist. They are almost like storybook monsters now. It is now against the public opinion to be a racist. It is one of the worst things you can be in our culture.

For fun, I decided to read what members of  the White Nationalist movement had to say. Their perspective is so hated that I wanted to hear what they actually had to say. They are an entertaining bunch. Their never ending hatred for blacks people and Jews never ceased to make me laugh. I liked reading their comments about how black people are prone to be more violent than whites. They were against integration and wished for a separation of the races again.  Some of them held the opinion that whites were the master race and Jewish people control everything.

They would say that blacks aren’t people. They would refer to blacks as monkeys and regularly use the word, nigger. They would state that miscegenation is killing the white race. They held concern that the white race would die out within the next 100 years due to breeding between the different races. They wanted to protect the white race from its destruction at the hands of the Jews and Blacks.

After reading their comments, I would wonder if they really believed what they were saying or if they were all just playing a part in some sort of game.  They would regularly post news articles about terrible things that black people had done. They would also have a limitless supply of pdfs “proving” that blacks were dangerous. If anyone ever accused them of being ridiculous, they would bust these out.

I’m fascinated by their perspective. I still read what they have to say from time to time on news stories. Their comments about the Trayvon Martin case kept my interest. They claimed that the media was vilifying  Zimmerman and portraying Martin as an innocent boy.  They didn’t see how the issue was racist and thought the whole thing was blown out of proportion by the media because they needed something to sell newspapers. They were divided on the issue. Some praised Zimmerman for killing a black teen while others hated him because he was Hispanic. They were all afraid that blacks would riot if Zimmerman were acquitted.

Like I said before, an interesting bunch of people.

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