“You know it’s fake, right?”

People hate professional wrestling for all the wrong reasons. Men beating each other to a pulp every week may not appeal to everyone. That’s understandable I just don’t get the dismissal of it by pointing out it is fake or predetermined.

Movies are predetermined, but you will never hear someone criticize a movie for being fake. Let’s say a friend recommended me to watch The Lord of the Rings,  and I responded “You know it’s fake, right? There’s no such thing as hobbits. It’s all set up.” I would sound completely insane. I’d be missing the point of why people watch movies.

You will never hear someone criticize a play in that way either. Just like movies and plays, professional wrestling requires the audience to suspend their disbelief. Wrestling is the exact same thing as a play except there’s no rehearsals. Wrestlers just do everything in one go. There’s no do overs (except for Sin Cara). It’s an improv. If there’s a miscommunication, the wrestlers just have to run with it like in the video below.

This question is a condescending one. The person who asks it is implying that people who watch professional wrestling are idiots who think it’s real and must be reminded that it is fake. I can’t get this question out of my head. It’s been drilled in there by the countless people over the years who felt the need to remind me.

Where does this reaction come from and why is it directed at professional wrestling by the general public? Every time a wrestler goes to a mainstream news association, the reporters must remind everyone that it is fake before starting the story. Take a peek at this ESPN Scott Hall story. One of the reporters makes sure to let everyone knows it’s fake before getting into the very depressing story of Scott Hall’s fall into addiction.


Why? They would never do the same for any other form of entertainment. If everyone knows, why does everyone also feel the need to remind others of  public knowledge? Why can’t it just be another TV show?  Why do people dismiss it for being”fake”? Get better reasons to hate it. Hate it the lack of continuity and the inconsistency of the quality of the show. Not because it’s asking to suspend your disbelief like any other fictitious work of entertainment.

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