The Eagle’s Wife

The arrow pierced his proud heart, the same heart that taught me how to love. The sound of that arrow whistling past me echoes in my dreams. I watched on in awe as his majestic body collided with the unforgiving ground. He didn’t die from the fall unfortunately. He bled out slowly gasping for air. He saw me on the branch I was resting on. We shared a long stare as his heart gave out its final beats. He knew I couldn’t help him. He wouldn’t blame me for his death. I still couldn’t help but feel guilty as his life flowed out of his body and on to the grass. Before the shot, I heard the branches shake. There are only two things that can shake a branch like that; bears and humans.

No bear can shoot an arrow. Arrows are a human creation. Humans are unnatural. Humans are the only creatures on the planet that do not kill with their bare hands or claws. They also do not kill to eat.  They do not belong in this forest.

I watched as the archer approached my fallen lover. The fiend had a devilish smile on his face. He came closer to my husband’s carcass and examined it. He would have orphaned my children just for a chance to impress his human friends. This archer like most humans did not hunt for food. I’d seen his kind before.

An orange glow awoke me from my sleep many nights ago. I flew near this strange glow and saw a group of humans sitting around it. It was a fire. I watched as the flames of a fire whisked from side to side in the light wind. An archer opened his bag and showed the corpse of a young eagle to a group of other human. They all laughed and danced before the rest emptied their bags. The meat was not eaten by him or his friends. They mutilated the bodies of those they had killed. They wore the carcasses as clothing. The archer attached the eagle’s feathers to his arrows. Son and daughters’ bodies were being paraded around as a joke. That’s what death is to these creatures.   Humans hunt because it makes them laugh. I can’t condone this. I kill because I need to eat, not because I enjoy it. That is the way of life.  Humans are perverting it.

I turned away when the archer skinned my husband. I could hear the swipes of his knife. Each swipe felt like he was cutting into me. When the swipes stopped, I turned to look again. The archer threw the mangled body in a bag, tossed it over his shoulder and walked away with a father, a teacher, and my lover. I’m not sure how long I stared at the blood on the ground. I hoped that in some way it wasn’t real. His beautiful wings would embrace me again tonight like they had before. He’d bring back a hare in his sharp elegant beak for our children. He’s gone now. He’s not even a meal to feed someone. He’s just a casualty of humanity’s perversion of life.

There would be no consequence for the archer. He would return home and laugh with the rest of his friends. Nothing would stop him from repeating this unnatural, brutal, and perverted act. The archer would be back to do this again. Next time, it could be my children that he would kill for no reason, but his own deluded joy. It was here that my pride finally rose up from the bottom of my heart. My wings soared me up from the branch I laid on. The archer heard me rise. He turned his head. His eyes widened in fear.  My talons were the last thing he ever saw. I ripped at his eyes. He screamed and grabbed his eyes. It was too late for him to do anything. The damage was done. He yelled for help. He swung his knife wildly at air. It was quite a funny sight to see.  My pride died down. I was satisfied as the archer tripped, and stumbled through the forest. We both had lost something irreplaceable now. His eyesight can never return just like my lover.


Whatever happened to so and so?

People disappear from our lives whether we want them to or not. I’ve shoved some out of mine. They didn’t deserve my friendship. Others have slipped away. They moved on in their lives to new venues that I’m unaware of. These are people who don’t have facebook.  I never had nor wanted their phone numbers.  I just experienced them for a limited time.  One particular person comes to mind.

When I was in high school, I would catch the bus. The group that caught the bus would always change but there were two constants, myself and my oldest friend. My oldest friend did not attend the same high school as I but if I recall correctly her bus stop was the same as mine. If she decides to comment on this, perhaps she can help me to remember better.

There was a girl at our bus stop. She was strange. She had a mustache. She had long brown hair and was large. She lacked social skills. When she talked, she could go on and on. She was very annoying. I don’t think she had many friends. She considered me her friend.  She used to sit next to me on my bus ride and talk to me about anime. She loved that stuff more than anything. I mentioned it once in passing conversation and from that day on she wouldn’t stop talking to me. She was an artist. The others on the bus would make fun of her.

Where is she now? Whatever happened to that annoying girl from the bus stop? I always thought there was something off about her. When she spoke, she spoke way too loud like she hadn’t ever learned to use inside voices. She was bad at reading people and knowing when to stop. I loved it when she graduated since she was in the year earlier than I was. Just another thing that made my senior year of high school, the best year. I do still wonder how a person like her functions in the real world. What has she been up to? Did she go to college and move on to bother other people? Does she have a job?

She was a pain to be around and I wouldn’t have considered her my friend, but I still want to know what’s happened to her. I don’t know why I care, but I do.

Analyzing the News

Today the Supreme Court decided that Arizona’s Immigration Law went too far and struck down three of the four provisions. I don’t have an opinion on this issue because I don’t live in Arizona and don’t know enough about what’s going on down there. I’m actually interested in how the many major different news companies covered it. News people are often accused of being biased. I want to see if this is true. So today we’ll be taking a look at some news websites. Earlier today, I took some snapshots of some websites to analyze.

1. CNN“Blow To Immigration Law”

This is the eye catcher. Does this language take a side? As far I can see, it’s a neutral stance. The rest of their front page information on this story doesn’t lead the audience either way. I’m not going to go into the actual article because that’s not the point. I want to see the differences in the front page make up of these news sites.

The other big element here is the picture. Pictures can be used to convey things that words may not be able to capture. All I see here is a group of people protesting. they aren’t made to look sympathetic or unsympathetic. They are just people in front of a building.

A person who didn’t know anything about this issue shouldn’t be swayed either way by this front page. So good work CNN.

2. Fox News

Fox News is often accused of being conservative. That’s all I ever hear about them. My parents treated it as a joke. The language used here is different than CNN. CNN stated that Supreme Court ruled in favor of the US whereas Fox News states that the Supreme Court struck down three provisions.  Fox News also does not lead the audience in either way on this issue. It has a nice picture of the Supreme Court. Nothing biased or leading about that at all However there is an interesting difference in the way CNN and Fox News refer to the healthcare ruling in their lower link.

Fox News calls the healthcare plan, Obamacare. CNN does not. Does this matter? Is It biased? I don’t know. It doesn’t really lead the audience to like or dislike the health care more or less.  From what I can see, Fox News is just as objective on the front page as CNN.

3. Huffington Post

This is how the Huffington Post posted the story on their website. Gutted is a visceral word. They don’t mention the Supreme Court. There’s just a huge picture of a statue that rests outside the Supreme Court’s building. I love this. It’s like the verdict was handed down by a divine power. The great statute of the Supreme Court has spoken. GUTTED! There was a link on the bottom of this that I left out that. It was a link to the story. To the right of it was the number of comments which was over 7,000. Is this unbiased? Yeah. I don’t have a problem with

So 3 for 3 on these top stories. One day I’ll look at actual articles and break down whether they are leading the audience or not. Not now because that feels too much like homework.

The Power of Criticism

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess came out in late 2006 for the Gamecube. It was one of the most hyped games for that year. It was going to be a return to form after Wind Waker. Wind Waker changed some parts of the Zelda formula. The game polarized the fanbase. Wind Waker’s cel shaded graphics and sailing weren’t loved by everyone. Twilight Princess was going to be different. There was going to be an adult Link. It brought back an actual Hyrule. It had the visuals that fans had been begging for since the Space World 2000 trailer.

This game was a killer app. The fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on it and love it. Previews of the game caused a buzz in the gaming community. It was going to be the greatest game of all time. It was a miracle brought into the world by the geniuses at Nintendo. It was going to be the pinnacle of video gaming. There would be no topping it. It would wipe the slate clean of Zelda after Wind Waker.  It was gaming’s salvation.

Then a review for the game came in. Jeff Gerstmann of gave the game an 8.8 out of 10.

8.8! That was lower than the score given to the black sheep of the series, The Wind Waker. That got a 9.3.  It couldn’t be possible. The writer was a false prophet sent by Sony or Microsoft to destroy gaming’s salvation. This was what was going on through the minds of some Legend of Zelda fans during that time.

8.8 isn’t even that bad of a score, but the fans couldn’t accept less than perfection. It just couldn’t be true that a Zelda game could get less than a 9. This critic’s opinion sent the fanbase into a fury. Many didn’t take the chance to actually read the review. They just saw the numbers. If Jeff had just given the game a score of 9.3 or higher with the exact same written review, nobody would have batted an eye.

The power of criticism is no longer in the words. It’s in the numbers. Now sites like MetaCritic and Rotten Tomatoes decide whether a review is positive or not, then they average all reviews giving you a number that shows the average.  Reviewers can write hundreds of words aptly attacking or praising a product but all that really matters to most people is the number. People just cut to the chase.

I’m guilty of doing this. I check Rotten Tomatoes before seeing a movie. I make my decision based on the general consensus. I was iffy on the Avengers until I saw the rave reviews for it. 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Then I bought my tickets online.

I didn’t read a single review. I just looked at that number. I feel bad for those critics out there. They would be just as well off just posting their score without delving deeper. The numbers are all that matter.

Have you ever talked to a good old fashioned racist?

Not the kind where people try to hide it or make excuses . I’m talking about A good old fashioned, “down with darky. Blacks aren’t people.” racist. They are almost like storybook monsters now. It is now against the public opinion to be a racist. It is one of the worst things you can be in our culture.

For fun, I decided to read what members of  the White Nationalist movement had to say. Their perspective is so hated that I wanted to hear what they actually had to say. They are an entertaining bunch. Their never ending hatred for blacks people and Jews never ceased to make me laugh. I liked reading their comments about how black people are prone to be more violent than whites. They were against integration and wished for a separation of the races again.  Some of them held the opinion that whites were the master race and Jewish people control everything.

They would say that blacks aren’t people. They would refer to blacks as monkeys and regularly use the word, nigger. They would state that miscegenation is killing the white race. They held concern that the white race would die out within the next 100 years due to breeding between the different races. They wanted to protect the white race from its destruction at the hands of the Jews and Blacks.

After reading their comments, I would wonder if they really believed what they were saying or if they were all just playing a part in some sort of game.  They would regularly post news articles about terrible things that black people had done. They would also have a limitless supply of pdfs “proving” that blacks were dangerous. If anyone ever accused them of being ridiculous, they would bust these out.

I’m fascinated by their perspective. I still read what they have to say from time to time on news stories. Their comments about the Trayvon Martin case kept my interest. They claimed that the media was vilifying  Zimmerman and portraying Martin as an innocent boy.  They didn’t see how the issue was racist and thought the whole thing was blown out of proportion by the media because they needed something to sell newspapers. They were divided on the issue. Some praised Zimmerman for killing a black teen while others hated him because he was Hispanic. They were all afraid that blacks would riot if Zimmerman were acquitted.

Like I said before, an interesting bunch of people.

“You know it’s fake, right?”

People hate professional wrestling for all the wrong reasons. Men beating each other to a pulp every week may not appeal to everyone. That’s understandable I just don’t get the dismissal of it by pointing out it is fake or predetermined.

Movies are predetermined, but you will never hear someone criticize a movie for being fake. Let’s say a friend recommended me to watch The Lord of the Rings,  and I responded “You know it’s fake, right? There’s no such thing as hobbits. It’s all set up.” I would sound completely insane. I’d be missing the point of why people watch movies.

You will never hear someone criticize a play in that way either. Just like movies and plays, professional wrestling requires the audience to suspend their disbelief. Wrestling is the exact same thing as a play except there’s no rehearsals. Wrestlers just do everything in one go. There’s no do overs (except for Sin Cara). It’s an improv. If there’s a miscommunication, the wrestlers just have to run with it like in the video below.

This question is a condescending one. The person who asks it is implying that people who watch professional wrestling are idiots who think it’s real and must be reminded that it is fake. I can’t get this question out of my head. It’s been drilled in there by the countless people over the years who felt the need to remind me.

Where does this reaction come from and why is it directed at professional wrestling by the general public? Every time a wrestler goes to a mainstream news association, the reporters must remind everyone that it is fake before starting the story. Take a peek at this ESPN Scott Hall story. One of the reporters makes sure to let everyone knows it’s fake before getting into the very depressing story of Scott Hall’s fall into addiction.

Why? They would never do the same for any other form of entertainment. If everyone knows, why does everyone also feel the need to remind others of  public knowledge? Why can’t it just be another TV show?  Why do people dismiss it for being”fake”? Get better reasons to hate it. Hate it the lack of continuity and the inconsistency of the quality of the show. Not because it’s asking to suspend your disbelief like any other fictitious work of entertainment.

Daenerys, Daenerys, Oh Why Daenerys?

[Spoiler Alert]

The Game of Thrones has really caught my eye . I’ve taken quite a liking to it. The world that the characters live in is cruel and bleak. It’s a very bloody dreary world. The morality of the characters isn’t black and white. It’s one dark murky shade of grey. The characters never feel safe. At any moment, they could just die a horrible death. I love it. It’s a show I have to marathon watch.

There’s just one problem. Everyone in the show’s world is connected. The show shows the different perspectives of characters whose fates are intertwined. There’s just one character who is isolated from the rest of them. Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, is far away in a distant land.


Her perspective isn’t intertwined like the others. I understand why her perspective is used in the show, but I still don’t like it. I just want her segments to be over with so I can get to other characters who interact with each other. There is a large battle scene towards the end of the second season. So many characters’ fates depend on this battle. Many plotlines coverage at this point. Even those who aren’t in the area, they have a distant connection and will be directly affected by the outcome of the battle. Not Daenerys. Win or lose, the battle didn’t matter to her. She has no connection with any of the other characters.

At the same time the large battle was happening, she was searching for her dragons. I didn’t care for her scenes after the battle. I wanted to see what happened to everyone after the battle not watch her get her dragons back. There is another isolated character, John Snow. I like his scenes because he has a connection with the other characters. He used to be with everyone and then he left to go to the Wall. The other characters mention him. There’s an inner  conflict of him trying to go back on his vows and help his family.  He also fights zombies which is more entertaining than Daenerys’s plotline.

Daenerys is also the only character who I feel is safe and will never die. Her storyline and character arc during the first season was phenomenal.It’s unfortunate that the characters that kept her part of the story entertaining ended up dying by the end of the first season. If Drago or her brother had survived, I wouldn’t have any gripes. I had hope for her this season since I thought she was going to meet up with the other characters. She didn’t.

She’s also whiny and entitled. I might just start skipping her parts next season.