Summer Internship Search

In November of 2011, it dawned on me that I should get an internship. It would give me active out of class experience. I would learn what it is like to be on the job as a reporter or at least interact with news people. It was within my best interests to get an internship. I thought it would be easier than getting a job. They aren’t going to pay me. I’m working for free. Free work! Who doesn’t want that?

After nearly seven months, I’ve realized nobody wants me. I’ve gotten two replies back. One was a quiz which revealed I wasn’t ready for their position and another found someone with more experience than me. I’ve applied to at least 40 internships.

I blame my current lack of a summer internship on several things.

1. My weak resume/Lack of experience

I had my first job last year for one month. I’ve written for my school newspaper only a couple times. There’s not much to like on there. My professional career is very bare.  I’ve started to include writing samples with my more recent applications, but I don’t think it will do much to get someone to take a chance on me. It’s very easy to look at it and just throw it away. This is my major weakness. I’ll be looking to improve this. My lack of experience is also probably a factor which is weird. Many internships that I looked at listed “Previous Internship Experience Preferred.” Apparently you need experience to get more experience. This is very annoying. I wish I would have thought about getting an internship last summer, but it’s too late now.

2. Racism

If I can’t get an internship, it means they are obviously racist against blacks. All the equal opportunity nonsense is just a front for blatant racism. I’ll be contacting Al Sharpton in the morning about this and see what can be done.

3. Lack of nepotism

If I knew somebody in the publishing/writing/journalism/communications, I’d be able to get an internship easier. I’m sure of this. I’m keeping an eye out now for journalists in my area.

4. Namism (I think this is a real thing)

My name is much better than other people’s. It’s memorable, easy to pronounce, and has a nice tune to it. People are jealous and refuse to hire me because of this.

5. Digital Fingerprint

It’s possible that people are finding out who I am as a person by search for me online and using that to judge whether or not I should have a position in their company. This is not fair to me. How dare they hold me accountable for what I say online!

6. There are no internships

Internships are just an idea that man created and nothing more. Like any idea, they only exist in our head because we want them to exist. You can’t prove internships exist just like you can’t prove anything truly exists. I was a fool to ever believe in internships. I’ve wasted my time and my life. Of course, time and life are also just ideas….

7. I’m not trying hard enough

I am trying, but I can always try harder. I can try to write better cover letters and look harder for internships than the same 3 to 5 sites. I could e-mail back people and follow up. I could even go to some of these places and find out if they will ever get back to me.

I’ll soon have to turn this summer internship search into a fall internship search. I have to get one seeing as I need 200 internship hours to graduate. It would be a shame if after all the money and time I pumped into college, a silly thing like working for free would hold me back from getting that oh so important degree. I’ll keep fine-tuning my skills so that when I do get that chance, I can make the most out of it.

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