Seven Seasons of Supernatural.

Supernatural ended its seventh season tonight. The finale was okay. It started off boring but picked up in the last 15 minutes. An eighth season for the show has been confirmed. Unlike many other fans, I really hope it is the last season. The president of the CW network has stated that they do not see the eighth season being the last.

This is the annoying thing about television shows. They can continue long they’re supposed to if it’s good for business. They can be also be canceled prematurely if it’s good for business. This robs the audience of a satisfying ending after they’ve invested many hours into the characters. All of the build up just goes poof in the air and leaves a bitter sting.

I’m not afraid of cancellation. I have no reason to be. I’m not afraid of not getting an ending. I’m afraid of not getting an ending that is worthy of the show. I feel that if the show continues, it will have a very lackluster tacked on ending. Since season 5, each season has been self contained with some nods to previous episodes. There is no complete story arc in mind. They don’t have an ending in mind yet.

There have been 149 episodes of Supernatural. Each episode is approximately 40 minutes long. I’ve seen every episode of Supernatural. I’ve invested just about 100 hours of my life into the characters and their world. That’s 4 days and 4 hours. I’m not the only one. Supernatural has lots of fans. Can the ending live up to it and satisfy them?

I pity television writers. Their characters continue on long after they’ve completed all their character development. Sam and Dean make the same mistakes and learn the same lessons every couple of seasons. Things are repeated because they have run out of things to do with the characters. It’s no longer fresh. It all feels the same. I wish the show would have ended in its fifth season. The show was at its best and I’d rather it have gone out on top than dragged on.

I’m very pessimistic when it comes to television show endings, but it’s not all bad. The seventh season finale sets the stage for a very intriguing season eight. Maybe I’ll be surprised and they will end the show on a high note.

I doubt it. It’ll probably be canceled after season nine on a cliffhanger season finale. Supernatural’s creative team really loves those cliffhanger season finales.

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