If Zimmerman were justified…

I’m not saying he is. I’m not saying I know what happened. I’m not even taking a side here. But let’s say, it turned out that Zimmerman’s account of the shooting was correct just for the sake of discussion. Let’s say that some evidence comes out that proves he was attacked, and he shot the boy in self defense. What would happen? Would the black community apologize for calling him a racist or claiming he wasn’t prosecuted due to racism? Would Mars Inc have to find another way to market Skittles? Would people stop wearing hoodies?

I’m very much interested in this scenario. People hopped on this thing for justice, what if it turns out he was justified, what would they do? Would the supporters of Trayvon Martin say that the facts are wrong or would they own up to it and just say “We were wrong. Sorry about that, Mr. Zimmerman.” I can’t see them doing that. They’ve invested way too much emotion into this. They can’t backtrack. They would look too foolish. They have to stick with it. I don’t know the facts of this situation. I just know there’s several different stories about how things went down.

One does have to wonder if the facts even matter at this point. It really seems to me like people just picked a side as soon as they heard the case and decided what happened even though not all of the facts are there.

Shame shame!

One thought on “If Zimmerman were justified…

  1. Maybe even if Zimmerman was justified, it still suggests that people would be better off with gun control. It would make shootings like this, that much less common.

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