For Eternity.

One of the least appealing things to me is the idea that there is life after death. I don’t want to live forever. I don’t live my life hoping to live forever. Things must come to an end and that’s the way I see life.

I can’t get behind this thought of dying and coming back on the other side and then existing for eternity. I know many people would want to see all their friends and family, but I wouldn’t want to. I’d have to deal with all of them for the rest of eternity. I can’t imagine being annoyed by family members for ever! It’s already annoying talking to some of them now. My dad would be complaining about how my life could have been so much better if I listened to him. Then I’d have to be introduced to my legions of dead ancestors. They wouldn’t be able to relate to anything I said, but they’d still talk to me. It would never end!

Not just family members, my friends would get annoying too. They’d want to hang out and since we never die, it’d never end. We’d run out of things to talk about. There would be nothing new other than what new friend died and eventually I’d run out of friends to die so nothing new would happen. It’d be awful to last forever and worse knowing that other people will last forever.

I gain a great satisfaction knowing that some people I meet will die one day. I don’t want them to pop up on the other side and continue being horrible for eternity. I want them finished. Never again to be seen by anyone! It’s something that I need to get through the day.

I’m not sure what they have in the afterlife.   I don’t remember reading anywhere if they had computers or even electricity.  I guess heaven is all clouds, angels, and harps. But that’s just one religion’s idea of an afterlife.

I’d be pretty pissed knowing how I died no matter how it was because someone somewhere in eternity would have died better than me. I’ll never get the chance to outdo that person. You know that guy would be bragging everyday about his awesome death and how no one could have died better.

It has to be crowded on the other side if it exists. A lot of people die every day. I think it’s close to almost 150,00 deaths a day! That has got to add up even if they have space. You know people would all crowd in one place. So you’d have to go there to see all your friends who are too stupid to go somewhere else.

I can’t think of anything appealing coming from the existence of an afterlife. I think in some religions, your every desire is fulfilled. Even that is lame. My every desire shouldn’t be fulfilled. Then the heck would I do? I wouldn’t be working toward anything. There would be no satisfaction. I’d get bored of everything within the first hundred years. I’m already tired of some things going on in my life and most of them have only been occurring for five years.

Nope. There’s nothing appealing about the afterlife. The worst part about it is you can never be done. You just keep going and going and going and…

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