Memetic Infection (or Internet Hipster)

It has gone too far. It truly has. Memes have gone mainstream. I look on Facebook and I see people liking pictures with the faces below.

A meme is an idea that spreads quickly from person to person within a culture. At least that’s what the definition of a meme used to be. Now it seem to stand for unfunny macros posted on a Facebook page. I’m not liking this next evolution of them. It used to spread in the anus of the internet. Parts of it would trickle into the rest of the internet but eventually they would all die out. Now they are an infection and they don’t go away.

I liked internet talk staying where it belonged, on the internet. That’s the culture of internet. Facebook has bridged it and I just can’t get behind this. I feel like sch a hipster when I say this, but it’s too mainstream now and it’s not funny. I liked it better when I didn’t hear the word “troll” while out in public. Memes were never that funny to begin with.

I guess I’ll just have sit back and take it. There’s nothing that can be done. This infection can’t be stopped. Nobody wants it to be stopped. I’ll just ride it out. As I think about it, it’s not that big a deal.

I had this same sort of feeling when CM Punk became an extremely popular wrestler during last summer. He had all these new friends who had just started liking him. I got over it quick but for a moment I almost wished he had never broken the glass ceiling and become so exposed. Then I realized that was stupid. He deserved to be appreciated.

I don’t feel the same about memes. I don’t like that they are now exposed because I liked them and thought they were part of some secret group of the internet. I hate them going mainstream because they were never that funny to begin with. Trolling, U MAD, Forever Alone were all just shit I chuckled at once or twice as I scrolled down other posts.

Now my school has its own page dedicated to terrible school-related renditions of already tired jokes. As a friend of mine once told me, Just let it go. That’s what should really be done with these memes, let go. Left alone to float in cyberspace until the end of the internet. (That’s coming soon)

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