I hate The Joker.

Ever since the Dark Knight came out, everyone out there is trying to be like the Joker. They use playing cards and chattering teeth.  They commit crimes while quoting the movie! It’s asinine! The movie is almost four years old and crooks out there are still acting like this nimrod. I’ve never been a fan of the Joker. He’s not marvelous like people want you to think.

The Clown Prince of Crime is one of the biggest disgraces in all of villainy. For all his jokes, murders, and “maniacal” laughs, he’s a bad villain. When I say bad, I don’t mean bad like Michael Jackson but bad like the Super Mario Brothers movie .He gets caught all the time! How can people worship this ineffectual buffoon? Batman catches his dumb ass again and again. The Joker is only able to do what he does because Batman is an idiot and doesn’t just kill him. And the city of Gotham’s justice system for some reason, won’t put this waste of space to death. He’s not crazy. Believe me. I know crazy.

What this baboon does isn’t even that great when you really get to it.

The beginning of the Dark Knight is so highly praised. I’m still getting e-mails from some of my buddies about how we have to do something just like that. I almost vomited when I watched the opening scene. An overly complicated bank heist where he “cleverly” tricks some dumb henchmen into betraying each other so he can make off with the money. What bullocks! No villain would ever do a job with some crazy clown known for pulling stuff like that. After that heist, he would never be able to pull another job. Nobody would work with him. It’s unrealistic! Even if he was offering cash, who’s going to work for a guy who shoots his own coworkers? You’re better off robbing the liquor store down the street for money than working with this guy. That’s what any person with a functioning brain would do.

And don’t get me started on his purple suit and clown make up. I know some guys out there need a gimmick to make them stand out. But clown? Clown? What the hell kind of gimmick is that? Oooh! Look at me! I laugh and tell jokes! Oooh! I’ll make a pencil disappear!

Please. Spare me.

What ever happened to just getting the job done? Is that so hard? This clown guy would have been shot in the face the first time he tried to hold up a gas station. He’d get popped right in the face the second he tried to tell someone how he got those scars.

The Joker is so bad as a villain that I was cheering Batman. Cheering for the hero!

Now there’s this new guy in the next movie called Bane. Judging from the leaked video I saw online, there’s going to be crooks out there soon mumbling and wearing stupid masks. Why can’t Hollywood end this love affair with with Batman! He has no good villains!

I’d love to see a movie with Darkseid in it. Now there’s a true villain.

Until next time my loves!

3 thoughts on “I hate The Joker.

  1. No good villains, do some research before bashing on a character.Batman has the most villains in all of DC.Bane’s supposed to be a big guy with Venom, don’t forget Scarecrow, Clayface, even Prometheus.Now there will be a new villain called Arkham knight.This article is good at the beginning but turns stupid in the end.

  2. You are as dumb as your stupid article.! What’s your best movie or hero or villain or whatever that you like? We can all concentrate only on the criticism like you stupidly just did. And BTW have u ever acted in any movie that u think u can do better than the joker? haha. not even close. You fucktard

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