Why I Eat Meat

Animals live on this planet just like humans do. They feel pain. They die. They know what it is to suffer. They are ground up and horribly murdered so humans can eat them. Little baby cows are killed to create a nice tender meat known as veal. We eat all the parts of the animals. From the bones to the eyes, even their organs. Nothing is hands off. I can’t even imagine how many chickens I have consumed in my lifetime.We exploit our fellow animals

For some reason, this doesn’t bother me. No matter how many pictures I see or sound arguments I hear against the eating of animals, I just don’t stop eating meat nor do I ever really care that much. I had one event when I was ten years old. I had gone to Africa and there things are a bit different. The chicken isn’t always already killed and brought to you. It isn’t prepared to be cooked. One day some family members of mine brought a chicken back to the house my father and I were staying , I didn’t know that it was to be a part of our dinner.

I fed the chicken and played around with it for a couple of hours. Then the time came for the chicken to meet its fate. I had left the chicken outside by itself as I played video games. I went outside and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I asked one of my cousins if they knew where the chicken had gone.

I cried when they told me that they had cut off the chicken’s head and it was being prepared for dinner. I told them that I refused to eat the food. Eventually I became hungry and I ate the chicken that I had once considered my friend. Being a vegetarian would never have worked out for me. I hate vegetables.

Now I’m ten years older. I have more power over the food I eat. Yet I still choose to eat meat. I find it hard to  come up with a convincing argument to do so. I’m well off. The food around me is not limited to only the animals around me. I have no need to eat them.

The closest argument I used to have was that if the animals were at the top of the food chain, they would be eating me. I’m just a part of cycle. That’s not very good.
I guess I just think there are bigger problems in the world than chickens being turned into chicken noodle soup. I’ve been conditioned to value human life above all other life.

Why is human life more precious than other animal’s? This is not an easy question to answer because it leads to more questions.  How many chickens equal one human life? Are dog’s lives more precious than babies? If someone has a mental disorder where they act like a chicken, can you eat them? Is eating a cat nine times as bad as eating any other animal? One man stated that his answer to this question was to not answer it and I can get behind that.

Of course another man once stated it would be better to rape animals than to eat them. That I can’t get behind. I think I’ll revisit this question in my mind when humanity is a far better position.

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