Fat Dogs Don’t Go to Heaven

The door swung open hitting Barrah right in the face. The dog crumpled to the floor and his immense bulk kept the door from opening. Mikael heard a yelp and stopped pushing on the door which was slightly a jar. Mikael peeked inside his house. He could see his car keys on a table that was out of reach. Then he saw the legs of his dog on the floor and realized what he had done.

“Oh no. There’s no way I can move Barrah if he’s in front of the door.” Mikael whispered to himself. Mikael was going to be fired if he was late one more time. He needed those car keys more than anything. He grabbed the dog’s leg and tried to pull it out of the way to no avail. He then pushed on the door to no avail. Panicking, he sprinted to his car and hotwired it as fast as he could. He got to work late and was fired. He arrived home to find Barrah dead still in front of the door. He stood in the doorway shaking his head at the events of the day. The wind blew and the door swung shut.

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