The First World Problem of Myopia

Do you know that at this second, somewhere a child is starving to death? Somewhere a parent can’t afford to put money on the table for their child. Somewhere a parent can’t even afford to have a table to put nothing on. Somewhere right now someone is being brutally murdered.

It really makes the problem of what grade I’m going to get on my women’s paper not matter at all. Is it wrong for a person to be concerned about mundane things such as those when other people have to worry about merely surviving?

I can make a choice between getting a Blackberry or an IPhone. Someone somewhere else doesn’t even get the choice to wear clothes. We know that there are people out there suffering. Yet we block it out if it doesn’t affect us and those around us.

I like to people watch when I walk around campus. I like to listen in on conversations while I eat at the Dining Hall. I hear the problems that many of the people at my college have.

These problems are major to their lives but if you think about it, they’re really stupid things to complain about. Things could be so much worse. I get lost in my own problems. I’m guilty of the same thing. Should I be worried about the rates of tiger attacks in India? Or how many children are starving to death at this very second?

Once you start to think of all the problems in the world, the burden on your heart can get very heavy. There’s nearly nothing I can do to stop those things. Just like everyone else, I block it out and focus on the problems in my own little world made up of my friends, acquaintances, and family. Even to that extent, I can think of several cases where I wouldn’t worry about the problems an acquaintance of mine has.

Is this a problem with humanity? We can just move on and function even with all these horrible things going on to our own kin. Should things be different?

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