Fatal Flaw

Each of us has something wrong with us that could be our undoing. Some people are too nice. They can’t tell off people. They allow themselves to be taken advantage of.

“Oh you need somebody to bail you out of jail again? Sure thing buddy.”

This flaw is a hard one to deal with. How do you know when you’re being taken advantage of? What’s the alternative? Do you act mean? But what if it’s not in your nature? Are you doomed to help people just because they ask you? Doomed to spend time with people you dislike but just can’t be mean enough to get rid of them? Are you doomed to allowing people to disrespect you just so they can be happy?

Maybe your fatal flaw is being too courageous. You run headfirst into everything. You just dive into a situation and don’t care what happens. You start project after project but never finish any of them. You make obligation after obligation but then realize you can’t possibly meet them all. People get hurt when you fail.

Maybe your flaw is that you get too connected. You like someone and then they don’t like you. It’s over for them. They’ve moved on to their next partner. But it’s not over for you. You obsess over it. You can’t get over it. You’re broken into pieces. A part of you is gone and you can never get it back. They left with a piece of you. You’re left watching them continue their life, because yours has sopped abruptly. Maybe you’ll get back into a relationship with a bad partner because you’re so connected to them. Maybe you’re afraid of being alone. A lot of people are. People can share the same flaw.

Maybe your flaw isn’t so depressing. Maybe you talk too much. You talk so much that you don’t notice people couldn’t care less about what you have to say. If only you could be quiet, you wouldn’t alienate people. You can’t stop. You just keep yapping and people grow tired of you.

Maybe your flaw is jealousy. Just the thought of the one you love being with another just burns your insides. What if that thought became reality? You spend your days being miserable. Even if you get apple of your eye, you’ll always be paranoid people are trying to get them. You can never sit back and enjoy them.

Maybe you’re afraid of dying. You can’t bare to face the end. You know you can’t escape it. It haunts your day to day to life. No matter what anyone says, you and all your friends are going to die. It’s something that’s a part of being a person. You will one day not be around. Religion can help you, but can you really be sure that there is an afterlife. All your thoughts, perceptions, and memories could cease to be at the drop of a piano. Every day could be the last one.

Or maybe your flaw is that you’re not afraid of dying. Who cares about death? I’ll live each day to the fullest. You don’t care what happens to you. You don’t care about the people around you. You know that they’ll all be gone someday. Why bother caring? In a mere thousand years, nobody will care about you. So why bother even living by the rules of society or having friends?

Maybe you’re an attention whore. You need the spotlight. You tell lies just so people care about you. One day you’ll be a bisexual. The next one, you’ll say you don’t think gays should be able to marry.  You have to tell better stories than people. You crave that attention. Without you’re reminded of your other flaws.

Maybe you’re just an angry person. You can’t control your temper. You’re hot headed and it gets you into trouble. You get fights. You never knew when someone might come back for revenge from one of your beatdowns.

Maybe you’re just a greedy person. You can’t help it. Having more money makes you happier even if it comes at the costs of your relationships. Why bother going to your son’s baseball game when you can make an extra hundred dollars staying late at work. You need to show people how rich you are. You want to have it all. Why care about other people’s wealth? You work hard and you deserve to make 475 times as much as they do. They’re lazy and you’re not.

Maybe your flaw is where you live. You never stood a chance. It’s not your fault you were born in a country with lots of starving children. You just weren’t as lucky as those kids in America who have time to be jealous, angry, or talk too much. You won’t even make it to age 6. You’ll die and nobody will care. Maybe you’ll be in a picture or a nice statistic during a presentation by people use to show how awful the world.

Can people fix their fatal flaw? Are some people just predisposed to self destruct? Is that just how the world is?

Should you tell people about their fatal flaw? It seems to be the right thing but at times it can truly screw with a person’s brain. Just remember everyone has at least one fatal flaw.

3 thoughts on “Fatal Flaw

  1. I think you are claiming that each of these are a fatal flaw mostly because you’re looking only at the negative points of each situation. For example, helping someone because they ask is not a flaw. It’s a flaw if you cannot help but do what others ask of you no matter what the situation, but if you genuinely do not mind helping them out, then it’s not a flaw, it’s just a part of who you are. I guess since you use the word “too” in the majority of these situations, they can be seen as flaws. Too much of anything is a flaw. Too much of anything gives you cancer. Too much Zack Ryder gives you bro-atitus.

  2. When the result of doing said flaw is a giant teddy bear crying and constantly considering suicide. That is fucked up…

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