I recently had my laptop fall apart on me. It was no big deal. I had everything backed up. I moved it all on to a better laptop. As I watched restored everything off of my external hard drive I saw my old internet bookmarks. It felt like looking a life time ago. The sites I frequented years ago are so vastly different than the ones I do today.

I spent a lot of my time reading Sprite Comics. That entire scene is basically dead now.

Sprites are representation of characters in a video game. You know when you play Mario and you see all the actions he does? Those are sprites. People used to take these sprites and make comics out of them. Bob and George. That’s my Sonic. These were two of the bigger ones I used to read all day.

I’d always have to pace myself when reading though these archives so I wouldn’t catch up and have nothing to do. I loved the jokes. I loved the way they were able to make their characters. I tried my best to try and sprite comics. They were all awful.

Here’s one of my earlier works so you can see where I started from


Early sprite work by me

The thing I loved about sprites was that you didn’t have to be able to draw. I’ve always been a horrible artist even though I love animation. I tried my hand at drawing comics and they always looked bad. Nobody could tell what was going on. With sprites, my message was easier to conve

I spent entire afternoons messing around in MS Paint trying to make my comics as funny as theirs. I even tried to make action. I’d print them out and show them to people in school. Some enjoyed them. Others told me I had too much time on my hands. One friend of mine really enjoyed them and tried to make his own. They were horrible.

Eventually I found my schtick. I got much better. I could almost make my own sprites. Then the scene slowly died out. My favorite sprite comics ended. The sites I visited for years were closing. There was next to no traffic.

It’s a damn shame. By the time I was decent enough to make good comics, nobody cared anymore. I don’t make the comics anymore.

One day I might start again. I feel like this blog could use some visual imagery.

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