Your acquaintances.

The people you know, but they either have yet or never will reach that precious friendship status.

I love encountering these people. For a while they will say “hi”.  But as time moves on, they just stop. Perhaps they found a better acquaintance to say hi to. Your little social exchange just isn’t needed anymore.

A high end acquaintance might even stop and ask you how your day was. They’ll reference some past event that you and them shared but then they move on.

Some of them could have been your friend, if you just pushed a bit more. You could have invited them to come hang out with you.  Then you could have a new friend that you have nothing in common with. But at least you’d have another guaranteed hello in your pocket. Maybe a wave if you’re lucky. You’d definitely have a new Facebook friend that’s for sure.

Think of your acquaintances. The people who are okay. The people you wouldn’t want to hang out with but you might be forced to if your buddy brings him along.

What stops these people from meeting the criteria of friend? Is it because you have nothing in common with them? Is it because you don’t spend time with them? Is it because you like them where they are?

I like watching these people in my life pass me by. I know their names. I might even know their birthdays.  I never forget a face.  I see all my classmates walking around this campus. I wonder at times if this is how its supposed to be. People in your lives that you know but don’t interact with at all besides a half-hearted hello to keep up your appearance as a social person. Or so you can use them to get you a job someday. Network with them.

Sometimes I lay in my bed and wonder about all the people I’ve met in my life. I wonder if I missed out by not reaching deeper with some of them. I sometimes wonder if maybe some of them could have been better friends than the ones I have.

I wonder about these people who in the end don’t matter at all in my life now and possibly never will.

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