The mysterious side of God

It has recently come to my attention that there’s parts of a deity that you know and parts that we cannot comprehend.

A part of an absolutely powerful being that mankind can never comprehend because we are limited in our perceptions.

If you think about a being like, it really makes it seem as though, you don’t matter at all. When I heard this mentioned in a class of mine, I thought of that scene in Indiana Jones where the Nazis have their faces melted off. They opened the chest to something they shouldn’t have. I also thought of the phrase, “God works in mysterious ways.”

It’s a very interesting concept to me. You can’t directly talk about that. You can only mention it by being vague because no words in our language are possible of describing it. It’s something that mankind just cannot touch in a way.

But some people put their faith in it. They put their faith in something that they can never fully comprehend. They have to hope it has their best interests at heart. This mysterious being.

For the religions that have this incomprehensible god, I wonder why they feel so safe putting their fates in the hands of a something they can never comprehend.

It seems almost careless.

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