Those of you who have Facebooks have seen the options you have when it comes to someone’s status.

Comment, Like, or Hide It.

But you can’t just click Dislike.

You can’t dislike anything on Facebook. As a man who dislikes many things, I’m not a big fan of this. I’ve seen so many inane statuses, that deserve my hate. I want to know what stuff that I do on Facebook that people don’t like. I’d love to make a status and see that people disliked it. I think it would be pretty fun to be able to openly show your disdain for something your friend posted.

Facebook is just so positive that it sickens me. Leaving a comment about how something is dumb just doesn’t have the same effect as quickly looking over at it. Why can’t you show the negative side of things?

There is a clamour for it. There’s plenty of add-ons and pages dedicated to getting a dislike button on Facebook. Why wouldn’t they just make it? It’s not like it would cause people to leave.

I’ve recently realized why Facebook will never get a dislike button. And it comes down to money. Think about it. If you’re a company, do you want people knowing how many other people don’t like their product. Five thousand likes is better than 5,000 likes and 5,000 dislikes.

A dislike button isn’t good for business. People can make pages about how they dislike something and ask people to like it but those will never get much attention. Most people wouldn’t look for pages about disliking a product. They’re forced to like a product and then write on the wall about how they don’t like it. They add to the number of likes that a product has and they’re post can be buried or even deleted later on.

Opposition is dying out. Commenting just doesn’t have the same power as the like button. When you scroll down the page and see something has more than 10 comments, you might not click it. But you will know how many people liked it. It’s just a quick number. It’s information put in your brain.

There’s no benefit to the average Facebooker when it comes to the lack of a dislike button.  It only benefits Facebook’s Ad Revenue.

I hope one day when Mark Zuckerberg has made enough money that he decides to add a dislike button for cynics like me.

I think you can tell just as much about a person from what they dislike as what they like.


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