Why do some people upload borderline pornographic pictures to facebook?

I have looked through each and every single one of my Facebook friend’s albums.  I’ve seen several pictures so racy that I wouldn’t let my little nephews and nieces look at them.

Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with taking pictures of yourself. But there comes a point where you’re no longer just uploading profile pictures and you’re just posting headshots from your recent porn audition.

There’s nothing wrong with looking for compliments. We all know what a person really wants when they post that status about how they recently got a job. They want the status to be liked. They want a comment congratulating them.

There’s always losers who need self assurance, But this goes beyond that.

I know some people have such low self esteem so they feel the need to upload pictures of themselves so the strangers they’ve added will compliment them.

But then there are people just posting pictures of them practically naked. They’re basically showing off everything. And when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. I once saw a vulva. Or what I think was a vulva.

Sometimes they’re with their significant other and it’s getting a bit crazy. I know this one girl who posted pictures of her day off with her boyfriend and it just looked like the intro to a pornographic movie. Each picture they just got closer and closer, her shirt came off. The last pic might as well have had a caption of ” Catch the rest of the Assction at http://www.girlgetsplowed.com”

Do these people think we want to see them in these positions?

It’s not like they take requests. I’ve left a few in my day and I never get any responses.

So what is the point? Just plain old Narcissism or exhibitionism?

Also who is taking all of these pictures? Because sometimes the shots are so dynamic, there’s no way the person could have done it by themselves. How do you go about talking to a friend about this?

“Alright, Teddy. Come over tomorrow. We’re taking facebook pictures. Don’t forget the baby oil. We’re going to need to soak back in that stuff so it gleams perfectly in the sunlight.”

Now some people may say I shouldn’t be going through people’s facebook pictures.

Those people are probably the same ones taking these pictures.

One thought on “Why do some people upload borderline pornographic pictures to facebook?

  1. I think it’s narcissism, mostly.

    But, to play devil’s advocate:
    I am of the opinion that there is nothing pornographic or inherently sexual about the nude human form, and that these labels arise out of context. In some contexts I think images of those in little to no clothing are entirely acceptable. So instead of asking why, consider asking why not? “I was posting up vacation pictures and I happened to be topless in one of the pictures.” Why would one censor themselves and not post certain pictures of this sort? PS the answer is it’s not socially acceptable. But there’s no reason for it to be.

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