What happens to my stuff when I’m dead?

I guess I’m supposed to put in my will, but I feel like I have a lot of stuff that nobody’s going to want to inherit anyway.

Like the A I got on a spelling test in third grade! Nobody other than me cares about that thing. So once I’m dead, somebody is just going to throw it in the garbage and it goes down to the dump?

That’s depressing. I worked very hard on that A. I had to spell tomorrow on that test! I know people who can’t even spell it now.

What about my clothes? It’d seem very silly for a non-straight edge descendant of mine to  receive my straight edge shirts. Would they just donate it to a straight edge charity?

I don’t like the idea of my stuff going to charity. I worked pretty hard to get some of this stuff like my Inception replica spinning top! I had to outbid someone on ebay.

And my action figures! I don’t think kids even play with toys anymore. Would they just be melted down and turned into something else? What happens to these items? Will they go on a long journey across the country from city to city?

Will they be around centuries from now when nothing I ever did matters any more? Just look outside and see all the cars driving around. What’s going to happen to all of them?

I guess it really doesn’t matter because I’ll be dead.  But it’s fun to think that in the year 3000, a little kid could wear a shirt made from something that I wore.

Maybe I could be buried with all my stuff like a pharaoh.

Or maybe I could just not die.

I like that one.

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