There’s No One Good Enough to Be Alone.

I’ve been watching people all my life go through “relationships”. It always ends up being a waste of time.

Do you know how many of my friends’ girlfriends, I’ve befriended?

Not many because they’re all just clocks ticking away.

They’ll be gone soon enough. Then they’ll have to stop being your friend because you’re their ex’s friend.

All that effort in making a new friend and it just goes kaput!

Now I’ve never been in a relationship, but  I’ve come up with a big conclusion.

People are afraid of being alone. People want someone there to listen to them. They want someone there to feed them mayonnaise and play classic rock.

Why can’t anyone be alone? Is there no person good enough to be happy by his or herself?

People have friends but that doesn’t seem to be enough. Many believe they want and/or need  that special someone in their life.

The idea of a romantic partner is shoved down the throats of children from about a very young age. The prince has to save the princess and they live happily ever after.

I have never seen a romance film end with the main character deciding he’d rather be by himself. He’s either trapped between two girls and makes a choice or he’s got one girl he fixated on. (or He poisons himself before she wakes up from her sleep)

This idea has ruined lives and driven many adolescents to bad decisions. Do you know how many people I know went to a certain college because their precious irreplaceable romantic partner would be nearby?

People in relationships don’t bother me.

Okay actually they do. But that’s not a discussion for a today.

I just find it bizarre that nobody can go through life without desiring a romantic partner.

Of course there is that sex thing, but that’s really a small factor.

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