People who tip are hypocrites.

You wouldn’t tip your doctor. You wouldn’t tip your surgeon. You wouldn’t tip your dentist. You wouldn’t tip your plumber.

You wouldn’t tip your Fed Ex Package Handler. You don’t tip your cashier. You wouldn’t even tip the cook who made the food.

You never look at your electric bill and say “Oh wow. I better add 15% because they deserve it for giving me good service.”

I spoke before about how tipping is ruined by society. What was once a customary thank you has become forced.

I’ve heard people walk away from bad service and say “Ha. I only gave him 10% tip.”

You shouldn’t give him any tip at all.

Now I’ve heard stuff like “But then he or she won’t get paid as much.”

Since when was that the customer’s problem? I don’t give a shit how much a person is being paid to bring me out food.

Don’t like the pay? Get a new job, dipshit.

Another argument I hear is “They stand all day.”

There are harder jobs than being a waiter like being the guy who has to clean out a porta-potty.I don’t see people leaving one dollar bills after leaving a steaming pile of crap.

I know you hypocrites don’t send fucking money to sweatshops for all the underpaid workers making the shoes you walk on.

This is a new form of hypocrisy. I shall deem it Tipocrisy.

You tipocrites are ruining the food industry. You’re creating waiters who will spit in the food of people who don’t tip. They won’t give as good service to someone who doesn’t tip as high as someone else.

It’s time for this to end. I want to enjoy my food without having to taste a loogie the waiter because I didn’t put down an extra five.

Also think about waiters in countries where they don’t tip. They don’t get paid as much. Anybody who’s taken a business class knows that by tipping, you’re destroying the economy. Tippers are the reason that we’re in debt today!

Be Smart. Think of others and don’t tip your waiter.

2 thoughts on “People who tip are hypocrites.

  1. Firstly, are you aware that waiters make below minimum wage? Typically around five dollars an hour. Tipping has become customary because it is the only way for them to make a decent wage. And in restaurants where they have to split tips with the kitchen and the rest of the staff, they are expected to make a certain amount per table, and for tables that leave no tip, the waiter is actually paying his own money out of pocket to cover them.

    Secondly, waiters in countries where they don’t tip actually make more, because they are paid a decent wage in the first place. You know what? The food costs more, too, because the gratuity is incorporated in the cost of your meal. You’re still tipping, technically, you just don’t have the luxury of choosing how much.

    Thirdly, I occasionally tip people in services where it’s not customary (the mailman, hair stylist, cashier, etc) and I’ve seen others do this too. We live in a very material society and it’s a way to show appreciation for a job well done.

    Anyways, have you ever received restaurant service in another country? It sucks. The tipping system fosters competition and effort in employees, and allows the customer to reward them based on their performance. Personally, I love a cheerful and attentive waiter. I love the smile on their face when I’m the first person all day to refer to them by name and treat them like a human being.

    It’s not always possible to just get another job, especially with the way the economy is right now. And while no, you shouldn’t tip a bad waiter, and yes, the whole tipping custom is kind of crappy, don’t skimp out on your poor waiter just to spite the system. Waiters are human beings with lives, problems and feelings just like the rest of us. Do you really wanna be that asshole that ruins their day? If you can’t afford the few extra dollars to tip, you shouldn’t be eating out in the first place.

  2. Also, enough with the Kantian shit. Tipping is relative. You wouldn’t tip your doctor because your doctor already makes obscene amounts of money. Even then, it’s not unheard of for someone to give their doctor, realtor, etc an appreciative bottle of wine or gift basket.

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