Yo Capcom! Why You Cancel Mega Man Legends 3?

I know it probably wouldn’t have gotten the Call of Duty audience. I know you’re so busy releasing better versions of games just 5 months after they came out. I bet that new piece of shit Resident Evil game is taking up a lot of your resources.

I understand that video games aren’t supposed to be fun anymore, but damn you guys really have a problem with my boy, Mega Man.

He’s not in Marvel vs. Capcom. He’s not even in new one coming out in November that has Phoenix Wright, a lawyer for christ’s sake! (Not that I hate Phoenix Wright). And you cancelled Mega Man Universe!

Look at this face.


How can you not not include this guy? People love classic Mega Man. He’s a little blast of nostalgia.

Now let’s talk about Mega Man Legends 3. I like new things in my video games a lot. also like seeing stories conclude.

Plenty of Mega Man Legends fans were excited when you announced a third title for the 3DS. When a game ends on a cliff hanger, fans really want to know what happened next.

Especially after ten years. They start to lose hope. But then you announced it was in development. But that you could cancel it at any time.

Then you cancelled it, Capcom. I’m trying to figure out why.

Did you cancel it because you couldn’t shove as much overpriced downloadable content on it? I understand Capcom. You want to make a profit. It’s all business.

You know what else is part of business? Marketing.

The 3DS has no video games. So you’d basically be the only game in town.People would buy up your new Mega Man Legends. You could increase demand by releasing a Mega Man Legends collection or some shit so little kiddies could get caught up.

You really spat in the faces of the Mega Man Legends fans when you blamed them for the game not being made. These are loyal fans. Why toy with their emotions like that?

Oh well. I guess it doesn’t matter. You’ll make a shitton of money off the Resident Evil and Street Fighter series so you can just tell your fans of other series to fuck off.

I won’t even ask about a God Hand 2…

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